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Town Hall Protest

Day 34- Fri 14th Feb

It rained last night. We haven’t heard that on the roof or seen any real signs of rain for a longtime now. We were expecting the weather to get colder & more miserable as we head home but we are still getting warm, sunny days. For how long I wonder?

It’s Valentines Day today & being a romantic soul I dug out the scarf that I bought for Viv a few days ago when I walked down the mountain near Javea, back in Spain. We don’t usually “do” Valentines but I must be going soft.

Anyway this morning we went into the town centre to have a look around the Friday market. It was a real local French market set up in the middle of town with a good variety of stalls. Lots of local produce on display & some interesting craft stalls, even some second-hand stalls at one end. We also found a fruit & vegetable market a little away outside the church. Inside the church, not as ornate as many we’ve seen, someone sat up above playing away on the big old organ.

We also made our way up to the very old castle that dominates the town. I would have liked to have climbed up to the top of the castle but I knew Viv didn’t like the idea so I saved myself the €11.50 & we went for coffee & croissants in a little cafe nearby.

After our foray into town we went back to the motorhome emptied our waste water, filled up our fresh water on board & hit the road North to Toulouse. We stopped here on a bus & motorhome park across the road from the Citè Europe Space Park. Poor Viv had to climb down to press the button that opens the gates & then run thorough to get back in after I drove through.

Lunch on board then we made our way to the nearby bus stop & went into the city centre. We were looking for the Tourist Office but got quite excited when all of a sudden several big white Police vans roared into the road we were walking along. Several police in full riot gear carrying plastic shields got out & went around the corner into the big square. Not wishing to miss the fun we went after them to see what was going on. The square turned out to be in front of the large Marie building, (the Town Hall) & was pretty busy with market stalls & an ice-skating rink.

We thought it must have been some sort of terrorist alarm but nothing happened for a while until we heard Samba drum music getting louder. Then we saw all these people marching round to the square playing drums & carrying banners. They stopped in front of the Marie & string up a couple of banners across the doorway. It appeared to be a protest against their President Macron, something to do with the health service. It seemed pretty good natured & the police stayed back out of sight whilst the speeches were made. We didn’t see any trouble while we were there.

Shower night tonight in the motorhome before settling down to watch TV. The bracket I put up in the bed area is working well. We’ve given up sitting at the front in the dinette area. It’s more comfortable to leave the top of the bed up as a backrest & just loll there. After we finish watching we just pull the mattress out to drop the backrest. There’s not a lot of room for me to get round the bottom but it beats having to climb over each other like we used to do in the old motorhome.

Mileage today - 56

Total Mileage - 3,863

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