Kapoor Year 14B: India And COVID-19 travel blog

Adia And Geoff Stayed With Tanuj, Manita And Their Dog Mishka, It...

After A Middle-Of-The-Night To Tokyo, They Cleansed Themselves In Their Hotel's Onsen



It was terrific to have our daughter Adia and her husband Geoff join in the family celebrations in Delhi. Adia had made several trips to India over the years since they’ve been together but it had been seventeen years since Geoff’s first visit and so much had changed since then.

They flew to India on a direct, fourteen-hour flight from Vancouver and chose to pay extra for premium economy seats because of Geoff’s serious back issues. However, they wanted to break up the trip home with a one-week stop in Japan to visit with friends and soak in some of the many onsens (hot spring baths) around the country. It’s a great way to cleanse oneself of the lingering pollution of Delhi, the world’s most polluted city.

The COVID-19 outbreak was still in its relative infancy and numbers of infections started to increase shortly after they returned home. At that time travellers returning to Canada weren’t required to quarantine themselves for fourteen days, so they returned to work and fortunately to date, March 28, 2020, they remain healthy. In fact, they serve as our lifeline for groceries and cleaning products while we continue to remain in home isolation after completing two weeks of quarantine after returning from India on March 12, 2020.


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