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Entrance to the Cairo Museum



A busy place even in the off season


The Old Kingdom Narmer Palette 3200 BC


Excellent craftsmanship for long ago


Ivory castanets - one of the first known musical instruments





5000 year old wooden statue with eyes made of precious stones


visitors from many nations

Starched linen skirt

room of stacks of sarcophaguses


5000 year old game possibly much like backgammon















Exiting museum

Egyptian National Museum

We arrived in Cairo about 6:00 pm Thursday the 13th, just in time for rush hour traffic. We only need to go 14 miles to the Marriott hotel, but it took us over an hour and a half. The 4 lane “freeway” was 6 abreast, with vehicles cutting in and out with no room to spare. How they ever get so many cars in such “freeway”, We will never understand. We did make it to the Cairo Marriott in time for a good nights sleep. The Marriott is Cairo’s premier hotel. It dates back to 1867 when the Sues Canal opened. At that time it was a private club for the elite from England and has remained the place to stay if you are visiting Cairo. It has under gone many updates and is quite posh.

On our first day, Friday, we visited some pyramids that we will go into more detail later. Our trip for Saturday was the Museum of Egyptian Antiquities, better know as the Cairo Museum. It is huge, (over 120,000 items), old (founded in 1901), and on its way out. A new bigger one is being built, to be open in about a year. Even though some of the exhibitions are being moved or boxed up, there was more to see than we had time. To see some of the fine craftsmanship that is over 5000 years old was hard to take in. From its unification around 3120 BC, Egypt was the preeminent civilization in the Mediterranean World. Because of the upcoming move, the museum was not in pristine condition, but most items were well marked, but after a time we were more interested in seeing, than in what we were seeing. Were the items from the old Kingdom, the Middle Kingdom or the New Kingdom, or the northern or the southern? Thus, what you see in our pictures is what you see and the what and where and when, we have no idea until we study more.

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