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February 14, 2020 Today, Tomorrow and Yesterday

Today I am in Sun City West, AZ after a quick drive north to Colorado with my ex-husband. Two days of driving each way, and a week together in a hotel room. Yes, it was as exciting and glamorous as it sounds, lol!* But I am so glad I went because it was for a very good reason. Our youngest son had surgery on February 5 to relieve the pain and infections that go along with severe diverticulitis. I am happy to say that nine days post surgery he is recovering well and enjoy a really boring low fiber diet. I was happy to see him, Jen and the boys even under those tough circumstances.

But tomorrow----ah yes, tomorrow! I will be back in Wanda heading to Lake Havasu City to join friends Dawn, Jan, Radar, Susan and Jane for the last day of the Rockabilly Festival on Sunday. Wanda has newly rotated tires and new windshield wiper blades. She is supposedly a bit out of alignment (I can relate) but I will take care of that when I am back in CO.

Now, that I mean the days between today and my last blog. I left Fountain of Youth Spa Resort and met up with the Vegan Caravan north of Quartzsite and enjoyed a couple of days of cooking and eating and meeting some nice and interesting people. There were some excellent cooks, and one lady showed us how to make fermented foods, like sauerkraut, kombucha and kefir. Then I got restless, so I traveled south of town for one night to visit, Dawn, Jan and Radar who were camped with the RVing Women's group. Then, what to do? I told Radar about Fountain of Youth, and she said, “Let's go”. We called and got spots next to each other for a week in the upper dry camping area. It was even better than my previous stay because now I had a friend to do even more stuff with! After one day, we reserved another week. We played tennis and/or pickleball nearly every morning and enjoyed the hot tubs. We went to talent shows, a couple of dances, and saw an Elvis impersonator. We shot pool, took art classes and tried to learn to play Western Mah Jongg, which is very different from the American Mah Jongg I know. We did puzzles, tried clogging, helped make baby quilts, and made so many friends that we already made reservations for next year.

Meanwhile, a dear friend by the name of Margaret Humphrey passed away on February 6 at age 100. She was a funny, remarkable woman and I loved her. She will be missed. Here is a memory I shared about her online:

A few years ago on a sunny and cold winter day, two friends and I visited Margaret while Brenda and Richard enjoyed a much deserved, brief vacation. We brought lunch and planned to play cards afterwards. During lunch we younger "girls" heard a funny sound, (even though Margaret didn't), and we soon discovered it was water, which was rushing into the basement thanks to a broken pipe. Margaret knew exactly where the water shut-off was, luckily, because it was the last place we would have looked. It caused a lot of damage, but it could have been much worse. From then on, Margaret called us her guardian angels. But now, she is ours. I will miss her.

I hope that during my lifetime I can make even half as many people happy as Margaret did. I better get crackin'.

*It is so interesting that even though years have passed since my separation and divorce, and I think I have changed in my relationships with other people, it is still so easy to fall into old, negative patterns with him despite my best intentions. But we got through it unscathed and are still speaking, because we both love our kids and grandkids. I consider myself lucky.

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