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February is a very busy month for birthdays in our extended family, at home and in India. Both our children were born in February and surprisingly enough, our granddaughter was born on our daughter’s birthday, Feb 9th. For the many years we were travelling for nine months at a time, we missed celebrating the birthdays with our kids. However, this year our daughter Adia was in India as well, so we used that as an excuse to invite everyone to a restaurant for a dinner.

Ajay’s son Tanuj, and his wife Manita suggested that we gather at the Monsoon Restaurant, located in Aero City, a fabulous new shopping and entertainment complex near the international airport. They also declared that they would be bringing along the birthday cake, that we didn’t have to arrange to have one prepared by the restaurant.

It was quite a treat to try dishes that were a modern twist on traditional Indian cooking. Tanuj and Mann managed to order for us, and everyone came away impressed with the experience. The signature cocktail was a big hit, they even managed to make a ‘virgin’ cocktail for the youngest member of the group, Ajay’s grandson, Mehaan.

Everyone was in a festive mood. The following day was the 50th wedding anniversary, the main reason we were gathering in the first place, and it was also the birthday of Anil’s sister’s granddaughter, Midushi, who was turning ten on the 10th of February. Mehaan, whom I’ve just mentioned in the previous paragraph was excited about his upcoming ninth birthday on February 19th, and my sister’s birthday followed two days later. There was at least one more birthday later in the month, our son Raj’s on February 25th. Phew! That’s a lot of cake!

Just before Adia blew out the candles on her amazing red velvet cake, we suggested a toast to Adia. We raised our glasses to our granddaughter Olivia, as well, as she was turning six years old back in Calgary. We were looking forward to seeing the photos of her party, our son and daughter in law always manage to surprise us with their inventive ideas for children’s celebrations.


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