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We didn’t do a lot for the first few days after arriving in India. Ajay’s daughter Dhriti was visiting with her two children and we enjoyed introducing them to the game of ‘Guess Who?’ that we had brought along with us. Our sleep/wake cycles were all out of whack with the family so we enjoyed their company during the times we were all awake at the same time.

Four days later it was time for Anil’s older brother and his wife to arrive by train from Patna. We were all gathering to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary and the excitement was starting to build. Their train was arriving very early in the morning and Ajay was planning to drive into central Delhi to pick them up at the Old Delhi Train Station. I decided to go along to keep him company, Anil wasn’t ready to move out so early in the morning.

The traffic was very light because of the early hour and the fact that it was a Sunday morning and we arrived at the station well ahead of the train’s scheduled arrival. As we passed the Salt March Memorial at the point where Sadar Patel Marg intersects with Mother Theresa Crescent, I mentioned to Ajay that had always wanted to get a photo of the stunning statue but there never seemed to be any easy way to take a shot at such a busy intersection.

On the way back from the train station we happened to stop at a red light and Ajay shouted out to me that we were right in front of the Salt March Memorial. There wasn’t much time to think or set up a great shot, but I managed to take one that was somewhat satisfying. The sun was fighting to cut its way through the thick morning fog/pollution and the figures were silhouetted against the haze. As we made the right turn near the centre of the statue I managed a second shot, this one is a little more clear, with the water from a fountain bubbling up in the foreground.


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