Sally and Hugh's trip to Valnius and Egypt travel blog

The symbol of Vilnius - The three Crosses on the hill above...

Wonder if the Lithuanians know more than we do.

One of Vilnius's beautiful malls.


One of the unique, modern homes in Shawn & Sarah's neighborhood.




Enjoying hanging around home with Shawn and Sarah & family.




Soviet apartment houses

New apartments being built in Vilnius

Isabella portraying one of the orphans in the play Anne.

Oh what can I choose for a breakfast treat?

Hugh's choice - beet benedict

A cold ,wet, morning walk in old town Vilnius.

Hello from Egypt!

It has taken us 7 days to get here, but it has been enjoyable. We flew from Boise to Denver, Denver to Frankfurt, Frankfurt to Vilnius, Vilnius to Cairo. Believe it or not, we encountered no problems, but we do hate the long lines going through security.

We spent 6 days with our Vilnius family partaking in all that a family does - shopping for groceries, going to ball games, play rehearsals, helping with home work, etc. We stayed as close to home as possible as it was cold, rainy and snowy. We did spend one cold, snowy morning in old town having breakfast and admiring all the Amber in the Amber Museum. Sarah and Shawn attended a Black Tie Dinner at the British Embassy in Minsk, about 4 hours away by car. They spent the night at Shawn’s apartment in Minsk and we were left in charge of Ben and Bella. It is said that all British Embassies have Black Tie dinners on the famous Scottish Poet, Robert Burns birthday. Because they have only one car, they use Uber a lot. It was interesting to see Ben, our 8th grader summon a car to go to school Wednesday morning with his iphone, then watched it as the car came our way - It will be here in 20 minutes, its 10 minutes away, its at the turn off, 1 minute away. When it arrived, we got in and without a word, off to school we went. What fun!

We start our Egypt excursion, tomorrow, Friday, with the day at the Pyramids. We were not aware that there were 110 of them until Forrest informed us. We booked a tour on our own to see the oldest ones at Saqqara as those are not on our Overseas Adventure Travel Tour. We are arriving a day early so we could do more.

We did not take many pictures but included some old, some new we hope to give you some ideal of Vilnius. We never anticipated our family would live in such an nice community.

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