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Welcomd to Nha Trang--and the beach

View from my posting location


Happy Box vending machine

Dairy Queen

Mother and daughter outfits

Great beaches

Westerdam docked in the harbor

City skyline

NOTE: I am catching up here in Halong Bay, Vietnam. We will be here a second day, and there is good Internet access. That is the good news! We are here an extra day because we are skipping the tour day in Hong Kong due to the virus threat and the cruise line is being cautious. I was planning to visit Macau after the cruise, but they have seven cases, and they are cutting back the ferry service to get there, so that is off the table. At this point I will either stay the three days in Hong Kong, or see if I can change my flight. I'm thinking it will be easier to laze about in the hotel rather than deal with the flight change, but we will see. Everyone is healthy on the ship, and my adjustments are easy compared to some others--some had flights a day early and we will not get there in time, or they were sailing on to Shanghai, but now will be ending the trip in Tokyo instead

Friday, January 24

Sunnier skies this morning as we sailed in to Nha Trang. While it is a large city, and has a nice dock, we will have to anchor and take the little tender boats to the dock. Some years ago they built an amusement park on an island and installed a long cable car system across the harbor. Unfortunately the ship is too tall to sail under it to the dock! It looked to me like it should fit, but it might be enough clearance for comfort

After taking the tender in, I took the shuttle in to the city where it stopped at Nha Trang Center. We passed beautiful beaches and lots of nice hotels and parks. At the shopping center I was hopeful of wifi access and got lucky in the food court. I got a table with a great view over the beach. The service was pretty good, but a little interrupted once in a while. I managed to get both postings done using fewer pictures than I would have liked. (When I tried to upload 10 at once I lost the connection. I was able to upload 3 at a time though.) I also waded through all my email, deleting 90% of it.

I observed others getting their food and was intrigued by the fried rice in a pineapple bowl. Fortunately the booth had English translation and I ordered that along with vegetable egg rolls. They took the order, gave me a slip of paper and sent me to the cashier. I found Coke Zero at another booth, and took both papers to the cashier to pay, then returned with the card she gave me to finalize my order. It was delicious.

Walking on I saw a vending machine filled with red gift boxes. For about $5.00 you could pick a number and get a red ‘lucky box’. I think I exchanged more money than I need, so I took a chance. My lucky gift was a pair of sunglasses with a case. Kind of a goofy thing, but it was fun. I wandered through the mall, looking at clothing, luggage, etc. I went in the super market to look around and had to check my tote bag. They put a plastic bag around my purse and stapled it shut too. Security! I enjoyed looking around at the local and imported (European) stuff.

Downstairs I thought about crossing to the beach, but the crosswalks were skimpy and I didn’t want to be late getting back to the ship. Back at the dock I enjoyed the breeze and the fresh air before taking the tender back to the ship. It was an interesting ride—we encountered some bumps and splashes from the wake of other boats. I hit the Lido deck to get some dessert, then started writing for today while I enjoyed the city view.

I have to say Nha Trang is a very pleasant little city. It was nice to catch up online and enjoy viewing the beach. It was a good city contrast to the countryside from yesterday. There were some historical sights, but nothing I was willing to climb up a mountain for!

Saturday, January 25

It was a nice relaxing sea day—reading, presentations on Da Nang, and general puttering about.

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