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25th January

Uneventful day. Uber to the airport for our flight. We didn't check out too early because the flight was 15:50. Watched a couple of episodes of blindspot because the weathers still not ok here.

Ordered the uber and thank goodness we're going. 4 bus loads of kids have just arrived! Eek! It's so far to the airport! We hadn't realised just how big Belo Horizonte is. It's mega huge! Maybe not where we we staying in the city centre, but it's sprawling. Get to the airport and check in. Really easy....why did we put our hooch into small bottles and put them into our cases? No one checks the liquids...is that because it's an internal flight? There's no threat of terror on an internal flight. Well who knows! We were given gate 1 when we checked in but as we've been caught in Brazil before, we kept checking. Good job because the gate ended up being gate 7.

Arrived, order uber who arrives quickly. Get to our hotel....have we made a mistake? There's nothing here except other guest houses and of course, a beautiful beach. We ask where the nearest shop was and sorta got laughed at. It's about a mile. No big deal. Get directions and go buy water and coke. The chap at the shop told us no cards, cash only....just as well we only use cash where we can. Then a restaurant......? Have a couple of drinks and wander up the road the other way. Come across a lovely looking hotel playing music and it said outside 'bistro'. We go and ask for a menu. As we're looking at the menu, out comes a huge plate of bbq'd meats....free? Yes. Order beer and chippies to go with. Fab.

And although when we arrived there was a bit of a disappointment, everyone without exception is lovely and helpful....what did we do before google translate? Oh I know......damn English/foreign language dictionary!

26th January.

Can't believe we've had 3 weeks and we're off home in a week.

This bed is the best we've had whilst we've been away. Although still have my cough and feel a bit rotten. Breakfast is good and plentiful. Did some washing (pants) but nowhere to put them. The reception it seems has a laundry service so they've taken them and lots of other laundry for us. Spent all morning till around 1pm on the beach. It's absolutely glorious. Then throw on shorts and t shirts and call an uber to go to arraial do combo. It's where we stayed last time. Well, thank goodness were here. It's so busy, so many people! We'd have hated it. It's really built up in 4 years. Booked our bus to Rio for Friday. Well go from arraial, not Cabo Frio because we know where the bus station is. Got supplies at the supermarket and called an uber back to the hotel. Sat out by the pool getting rays for a while before going for a walk along the beach.

Back to shower and change. Oops.....I've sent all the undies to the laundry. Guy has to wear his 'budgie smugglers' which I've not allowed him to wear to the beach. They look silly. I'm having to wear some new pants I'd bought and brought with me but they're on the tight side and I decided not to wear them. But I have to! Going to same restaurant tonight. It's just up the road a way.

Update....as the guests has checked out of the hotel up the road THE RESTAURANT IS CLOSED! Oh no! That's the only one in the vicinity. Walked up to the main road to the bus stop. We can go into Cabo Frio. There's another couple at the stop so we wait. Along comes the bus, it sees 4 people and the other couples beach stuff and drives off! They get a taxi, we wait. For half an hour! We squeeze onto the next bus and it is a squeeze! Guy could only fit onto the bottom step inside the bus. Good job the driver closed the door. Get to the end of the line. Not much open but it is Sunday....again! Keep going until we get to the little harbour in the town centre and there's a few places open. We go to the one with the loo we can see! What a good choice. We had BBQ platter for 2 which came out on a sizzling plate with rump steak, chicken, pork and sausage, rice, chips and some other stuff which I don't like and in fact, we didn't touch because there was too much food. And 2 beers each was just around £27. Pretty good I think.

I understand people wanting to take their children out to each but at 9:30pm? Is that a good thing? The kids are grumpy, parents stressed. Yes, it's a different way of life, but kids are kids anywhere. They're tired. When they're tired they get naughty or whingey or crabby or cry. My other thought for the night (or should I say morning at 6am?), the reason many people here are obese is that there's too much food put onto plates. I've never seen so many ladies of extreme measures in a thong bikini. It's not a good look (or comfortable) people, if you're skinny, but if you're large, it's a no no, or it should be.

Wander back to the bus station. Guys not sure whether it's a good idea to get the bus...where do we get off in the dark? Do we recognise anywhere? No! But that's not a reason not to get on the bus..... Get on, start the journey. We decide to tell the driver where we want to to, can't copy and paste so have to write the beach area in notes...all takes time. Then try and say it? I did, he didn't understand, asked a passenger on the bus to tell him. She didn't want to but did eventually. Then he stopped where we'd said. We didn't think it looked right. Went on for about a minute and saw a sign we did recognise. Driver was right after all. Oops! Got off and had to walk a way back to our road end. We had a pretty late night after all. Still got the damn cough!

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