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A piece of ancient pottery

Mon. before we left Leon, we went to the Revolutionary Museum. It was interesting as it took us from before the time of William Walker from Tennessee in the 1800's through the Sandinista times to present day. June 20, 1979 stays in my mind as the day Samosa was defeated along with the USA. Nicaragua had its freedom.

We were taken out on a red tin roof to view the city. It was decrepit looking. And I held on the tour guide's hand! He must still have the imprints of my fingers. Others walked about freely. Gord says there was another roof 2 feet below. He did not take pics.

At 12.30p we left for Managua with Winston. There he showed us where the Del Sol bus was and the Tica Bus in relation to our hotel...the Europea.

We had Chinese food....very different to ours...and went to bed.

At 12 midnight we were up for our 2a bus...Del San Salvador. Our taxi was waiting. A bus attendant greeted us, grabbed our bags and ushered us into a locked compound where the bus waited. Needless to say we tilted back our seats and went to sleep once we boarded.

At 5.30a we disembarked for our first border crossing into Honduras. We lined up and got back on the bus. A few minutes later we were off again to have our bags searched. The customs agent looked at me, told me to close my bags, Gord the same and went on to the next. As the sun came up, we were on our way.

We were in the mountains. They did not look particularly high but who knows what altitude we were at as we drove along. We passed tidy little villages. Houses were smaller. Most had tin roofs although some had tiled roofs. The people looked poorer than Nicaraguans. After awhile we settled back to sleep. Snacks had been given out along with drinks of very sweet juice.

Further along...about 10.30a we awakened. We were still in mountains. The bus was approaching the El Salvador border. In Honduras, we disembarked, lined up and got passaportes stamped. Further along we saw 'Welcome to El Salvador'. An agent got on board, checked passports, we went on a little further and an agent with a working golden labrador walked down through the bus. He was followed by an agent who picked out occasional people, went through their bags or sent them to be searched. One young man came back in his shorts carrying his bluejeans. He did not look happy.

But we carried on when everyone was back on board. The countryside had changed. Garbage seemed to be strewn everywhere. Occasionally we would see a neat and tidy place with a yard swept clean but they were few and far between.

We stopped for lunch...and received 2 tortillas, a hot chicken and pepper mixture, hot rice mixed with veggies, and a noodle and ham salad. Next came a small can of pop each. The food was good, the pop sweet.. later on a bottle of water was given out...and much appreciated.

We continued on to San Salvador. We saw many volcanoes enroute. We each had another nap awakening to find the bus approaching a large city after 13 hours. It dropped off passengers for Guatemala City, then continued further into the city. We saw workers spearing and bagging garbage.

San Salvador is a fair sized city perched on the side of a vulcan. With the latest president good things are happening. The economy...USD is the picking up. Construction is everywhere. There are safe areas...such as Santa Rosa where the bus stations are. There are all the usual fast foods present. There are huge shopping malls. Walmart is here.

Today we had an excellent breakfast in a small garden at Villa de Angel. We are next to la Galeria...a large new-looking shopping center. Our room is huge with 3 double beds. The hotel reception area is being renovated. The people are friendly and helpful.

Today we took a taxi to the Tica bus station and booked onward travel. We had a coffee at Wendy's.

We then went to the very intersting Archaeology Museum at the Technology University. It started 7000 years ago and brought us to today. Explanations were in both Spanish and Ingles. Even the migrations of Salvadorans was covered. I did not know the Central Americanos also migrated from Asia across the Bering Strait.

Another room showed pottery and another foods eaten and when they appeared.

Of course religions were covered. Such a large part of history. It was interesting how often priests were involved in instigating insurections.

Also interesting was the way the histories of Panama were intertwined. And how much trading was carried out between the areas before the Spanish arrived in the 1500's.

A section on funerary customs proved interesting showing the differences between the peoples. And how the Day of the Dead...Nov. 1st...was celebrated long before Christianity arrived.

We spent a good 6 hours at the museo, caught a taxi home and are looking forward to a pasta dinner.

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