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Just a couple pre-parade pics of some floats getting finished up before...

And another...

This is the lead float in the parade

We had another early morning on Tuesday – we were up at 5:30 – for our bus ride to Irwindale to another float barn to see some of the “professionally” built floats. I did not know this, but most of the floats in the parade, and I imagine the other big parades across the country, are built by professional float building companies...who knew?

Of the events we have done so far with this group, this one didn’t live up to our expectations or that of most of the group. We got to weave our way through a short section of the warehouse that held maybe 15 floats of varying size and complexity, but only got close enough to about 5 of them to see the finished products. It only took the group maybe 45 minutes to see everything of interest, so considering the very early wakey-wakey and departure it really wasn’t worth it and we were home before 9:00 to give us the afternoon off. We also get to see all of the floats the day after the parade at some other site and since we are now highly experienced float builders, this was a bit of a let-down. If fact, the tour leaders are going to axe this from future Rose Parade tours because it’s a not-so-big-bang-for-the-buck kind of stop.

We spent our very welcomed down time doing some puter stuff and going through a mail shipment, then at 5:00 we have cocktail hour before dinner at the event tent, then at 9:00 – thanks to being in the Pacific Time Zone – we will be ringing in 2020 on east coast time, then going to bed shortly thereafter as we have to be up at 3:30 to catch the bus at 4:15 to head for our parade seats. Thanks honey, thanks for being so lucky.

Well that didn’t play out as they had planned. We got to the cocktail hour, ate dinner a little after 6:00 and by 7:00 the old folks were already headed home. I stayed until about 8:15 and the boss stayed till 8:45 before pulling the plug and she was one of the last two to leave so the staff could clean up and go to bed. Getting a bunch of old folks – we are easily the youngest of the group except for one couple’s teenage grandsons – up at 5:30 in the morning and expecting them to stay up past 9:00 is a long shot on good day, but to tell them they also have to be up by 3:30 the next morning...yeah, good luck with that.

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