Off to South America travel blog

We're off!!

We actually started our journey on Friday, January 3, 2020 and arrived in Santiago, Chile on Saturday, January 4.

We had the usual problems with a late flight, missed connection, rebooking! But we're here, so all is well. This is the hardest part of any journey. Getting there!!

Our Oceania ship, the Marina, is beautiful. We were upgraded to a very nice room with a balcony. We just finished our safety drill. Learned how to put on our life vests! But they didn't make us practice getting into the life boats, which we will do calmly and safely if necessary!

We're going to the Buffet tonight. We saw it at lunch and it looks great!! There are 3 specialty restaurants that you must reserve ahead of time. We did that and have our 3 reservations. But now we're getting on the waiting lists to go more times. They let you have just one reservation per restaurant until everyone on the boat has a turn. So we won't know until later. One restaurant is Italian. One is a steak house. One is Jacques Pepin's restaurant. He's French so I suppose the food will be french.

The ship holds 1250 guests with 800 staff.

We just got underway at 6 pm. We will sail all night and arrive in Coquimbo, Chile at 9 in the morning.

Good night!

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