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December 16, 2019 Why

Not the question, the place. Specifically Why, AZ which is 10 miles south of Ajo and 12 miles north of Organ Pipe National Monument.

Last summer I camped near someone who told me about Coyote Howls East RV Park here in Why. It sounded intriguing, so I decided to check it out this winter. It is boondocking on steroids. The Sonoran Desert is very pretty and the lots here are huge. There are no electric hook-ups, but there's water available to fill my tank, real flushing potties, hot showers, and a laundry room.

Three camping buddies joined me here for a week and we had fun going to music jams, dancing, playing cards and ping pong, hiking, and sitting around the campfire. We even threw together a festive pot luck lunch for Radar's birthday. Despite all that fun and our extremely good company, the two guys decided to head west. Radar and I liked it enough here to sign up for a month at the unheard of monthly rate of $125. There's even a make-shift pickleball court here at Coyote and two really nice tennis courts in Ajo. We have used both and met some really nice people. A friend from Albuquerque came to visit for a couple of days and she taught us to play Texas Hold 'Em and bought us dinner at the nearby Indian Casino, which turned out to be a deli counter at the convenience store. It was surprisingly good. This morning we walked to Granny's Kitchen for breakfast and then shopped at the Why Not Travel Stop.

But despite all this fun, Why is not perfect. We are very close to a Border Patrol Headquarters and maybe 30 miles from the border, so there is a lot of traffic on the roads and in the air. Occasionally a big boom rocks the walls, I think from the Barry Goldwater Range. A lot of big gravel trucks are going back and forth from Tucson to the border due to the construction of the border wall. No matter how you feel about the illegal immigration issue, the destruction that is being done to animal and plant species in this area, many of which are on public lands and supposedly protected by various federal laws (which are being ignored), is pretty appalling. Most people do not realize how negatively the Tohono O'odham people, whose traditional lands span both countries, have been impacted. It is really pretty sad.

I will be celebrating the holidays here in the desert, under the amazing stars. Wishing you and yours joy, peace and healthy in 2020!

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