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Our appliances arrived on the 9th

The same day our countertops arrived


Master Bath sinks and tops

In one week we painted the lower level




We’ve had a very good week!

The cabinets are now finished. The countertops and sinks are now in. The appliances have arrived. The plumber finished all of his work. And, the lower level is nearing completion to be ready for carpet install.

Ann and I have worked hard to get the lower level ready for carpet. The installation is scheduled for 12/30 & 31. In one week we were able to complete all the painting. I am just finishing the re-install of the baseboard and the caulk and paint. Carpet will be welcome down there for warmth and quiet.

Because you asked... you can leave a message on the mytripjournal page by clicking at the top right on the “leave message” or in the “guestbook”.

On a side note. We were put behind working a day for a strange reason. The new shingles shot. It’s the second shot in the series of two that had side effects that, well, sucked. We both had the side effects.... chills, body aches, flu like symptoms that knocked us out for a day. I was in bed by 4:00. We both had such bad joint pains and body aches the we wouldn’t be able to beat a one legged man in an ass kicking contest. So, if you’re up for those shots.... be aware.

Moving 1/7 and closing of 1/10 dates are approaching fast! Looking forward to both.


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