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Lots of street art in Montevideo

Government building

Building view 2

Street art with Che

The locals on the way to the football (soccer) stadium

Paper mache at the carnival museum

Local handicrafts at the market

Restaurant at the market


Market restaurant 2

Presidential office

Theater near the square

View from the square

Military on the square

Statue on the square

Sunday on the square

Graf Spee display

Market sign explaining the exchange rate

Monument to the Graf Spee

Our ship in Montevideo

Remnants of the Graf Spee

The Viking Sun

We arrived in Montevideo at 8 in the morning on November 17. We only had until 5 in the port, but we had a taste of Uruguay. We went on a bus tour around the city of Montevideo; Uruguay has a mostly European population from Spain and Italy, and the architecture reflects that background. It is middle class and we heard that the average annual income is the highest in South America. On the day we were there there were crowds of people making their way to the stadium for a big match. Montevideo is at the estuary of the Plate River; it has lovely beaches. We were intrigued by the city and would like to have more time there.

On the way back to the ship we stopped at a market; it was Sunday, and the main attraction was the variety of restaurants. Each one featured mounds of meat cooked over grills. We also heard about the German ship Graf Spee, sent by the Germans to the south Atlantic to sink Allied ships.

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