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Tile began today on master bath shower


And on the bedroom fireplace surround

The sunroom baseboard completed

Baseboard before caulk and paint...

...and after (notice how wall color changed later in day)

Ann added first coat of urethane topcoat

Friday, Nov. 7th, marked the two month period since our start date on the renovation. We’ve accomplished a lot in that time and it feels good to see final touches coming to an end. The kitchen cabinets would be the last major project and should be installed soon.

I’ve continued the baseboard install. The sunroom took quite a bit of time with all the angles that needed caulking. It did turn out very nice and pretty sure we will spend a lot of time there in the future.

Ann has been working on the stained pillars, fireplace surrounds and half wall top.

We have been picking out tops for both baths and the kitchen. Searching for granite outside has not been fun since our weather has dropped into the teens already. One morning we woke to 11 degrees with windchill at zero!

Our tiler, Buck, began his work on the master bath shower as well as the tile around the bedroom and greatroom fireplaces.

Cold, cold, cold... good time to be working inside!

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