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Muddy tow path

Large funghi

Peering over the wheat stubble

Thatcher 1

Thatcher 2

Thatcher 3

Tractor load

Inside Pub

Steak & Ale Pie

The tow path is so muddy in places after the rain that you slip and slide and get bogged in it.

Saw this on our walk yesterday - a long walk to Pewsey Wharf which was a round trip of 11km. We went to check out if there was any moooring space there - NO!!!!!! All the available spaces are taken.

The sun was shining on this house peering over the stubble as we walked back..

The thatcher is at work today,poor sod has to get down the ladder every time a vehicle comes along to let them past as the road is so narrow. The council apparently wouldn't let him put scaffolding up! It would have been safer all round if they had allowed it.

This tractor was never going to get around him with the ladder out.

We decided to have lunch at the Pub today - Tony was hoping to get some decent phone signal there to make a call. There was no signal inside the pub and very little outside, but he did manage to make the call in the car park as we were leaving.

My steak and ale pie with new potatoes and veggies was very, very delicious. Tony had ham, eggs and chips..

Seeing as we are moored quite near to a water tap, Tony is now out there hosing down the boat as it's covered in leaves from all the wind. It keeps trying to rain every now and then, but the sun has been out for a little while.

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