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Meditating @ 30k'

Land-Locked Waterway; Former River, Now Lake ?

Meander Mountain Road

Highway Blockade Outside of Santa Cruz Airport

Idyllic Vacant Hotel Pool

Airport Lobby Full of Marooned Travellers

Flight to Santa Cruz was over mountainous, mostly uninhabited terrain. Oddly, there was a large body of water that seemed to just begin in a valley, 'flow' for miles & miles, and then end. Google maps shows it, but does not identify it ? Former River, Current Lake ?

Arrived to Santa Cruz airport where hotel driver awaited us and one other guest. Driven a mile or so on airport access road to perpendicular intersection with four lane highway to/from Santa Cruz. At that point vehicular traffic is blockaded - in any direction except back to airport. Hotel / driver obviously has arrangement with blockade attendants to allow the van to park on the median, and we passengers to cross the roadway to the hotel by foot. A toll booth a couple hundred feet away is blockaded by vehicles, tree branches & piles of rubbish.

Dinner & to sleep at the hotel for early return to airport. Walk back across the roadway to the van at the median and back to the airport. One fellow who came from ??? got to the roadblock area and climbed aboard a motorcycle with his suitcase to be driven down the airport access road ?! Strange set of procedures.

Entrance into the airport reveals a couple hundred passengers who have arrived and could not get to the city. There are fewer than 40 chairs to be had, and so many have been standing since ???

Luckily the airline/aircraft staff had made it to the airport and our flight left Bolivia for Asuncion, Paraguay; a destination not at all in our original travel 'plans', vague as they were.

Ciao for now

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