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Along the summit


Bruce Tunnel

Coming through

In we go

Burbage Wharf Crane 1

Burbage Wharf Crane 2

Hikey Pikey

After going up another 50' over 6 locks we reached the summmit, which is no comparison to the Leeds & Liverpool canal summit,

then we reached the Bruce tunnel.

and wouldn't you know it , the only boat we met today was just approaching the other end of the tunnel with a headlight that wasn't working and just using a phone torch to see their way through!!!

Compared to the other tunnels we've been through this one was easy!

There was no dripping water at all and the roof was quite high - we still had to have the roof down all the way but it was easier driving, the space either side of the boat was around half a metre.

This crane was a little way past the tunnel, but there was nowhere to stop to have a look at it.

Then we started the descent - 3 locks and 24'1" then we tied up at Wootton Rivers - only on a 24 hour mooring so we will have to move on again tomorrow. We managed to get the roof back up just before the rain started.

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