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something's on the roofs of many houses in Peru

2 bulls, a cross, the sun & moon, a ladder?

one yard to hang out in

interesting and beautiful plants on the terraces

up one level

a weaver on the grounds!

nice mural and ruins on the hillside

top level shows cottages and gardens

outdoor oven

irrigation system

tuk tuks are taxis for 2

markets on the avenue to the train

the PeruRail to Machu Picchu

there are cats here! We saw lots of dogs

entering the ruins of Ollantaytambu

the layout

keystones and formed rocks used here

llamas browsing

granary on the distant hillside

Temple of the Sun

looking down at tourists

and over the town at the mountains

the view from where I stopped

zoom to the destination at the top

and there go our hikers!

they made it! That's Percy and Pat

zoom down to non-hikers below

What do you see in center of pic?

sophisticated storehouses

I'm seeing faces everywhere!

looking in to the water building

looking at tourists from other side

water comes out of that building

and gets channeled to the houses around

stream coming down from mountain

bathtub for the queen or king

an intact house on the hill

ruins and Temple of the Sun from houses below

construction of downtown houses

main street for locals - pedestrians

local woman allows pictures

Early in the morning, I walked the grounds of the hotel and took a few pictures. It is pretty and just up the street from the train station.

After breakfast, we walked up the street to the market and entrance to Incan ruins that I saw from the hotel. Percy is our guide now and I have a hard time understanding him and keeping my attention focused again. He spent a lot of time talking about the stones and how they were formed, transported, and placed. Whatever they did, they did it right to last around 600 years! They were able to fend off the Spaniards here for awhile, but alas, they left when they saw they could not win. The Spaniards apparently thought this was the end of the road, because they did not make it to Machu Picchu!

I did not walk up to the top of these ruins, saving my knee for the big day coming up. A few of us stopped at the halfway mark, while a few of us didn't even attempt the first part of the climb! At least we all saw these ruins. There was plenty to see at ground level - remains of houses, water channels, and the market! We were told that items will be of a better quality in Chincheros, where we will go after Machu Picchu. Some people bought back packs and water bottle holders here anyway.

Lunch was at Chunchos restaurant. 4 took a version of taxi called a tuk tuk from the ruins to the restaurant. Percy took us down a side street to a house with interesting things in it, including guinea pigs that will eventually be eaten. They also sold stuff and Deb and Sara bought scarves. I thought about it, but waited.

The food at the restaurant was plentiful and we got an education also! There are about 2400 varieties of potato in Peru, so we have a lot of potatoes to try yet! Corn grows with big kernels but isn't so sweet at our corn. They make a drink using purple corn and other things that actually tastes like grape juice! The salt came in the form of a white rock and one uses a grater to sprinkle it on food. Here's the meal - 3 appetizers on one plate - chips, ricotta cheese, new potatoes; a soup made with black potatoes and vegetables; entree - stuffed green pepper, 2 quinoa pancakes (good), chicken and lamb, veggies, dried potatoes; dessert - chocolate truffle, quinoa pudding, and a tomatillo. I should have taken pictures of all these courses!

After that big meal, Deb and I followed Sara and Meghan back to the hotel. They got us lost by going down the wrong street. I recognized things on that street then realized it was the road we took to get into town yesterday. At the end of town, we turned around and came back, turning at the town square, following a sign for the train station. By the time we got back, my knee wa really hurting, so I was happy to rest for the afternoon. Dinner was at 7 and it wasn't anything to write home about!

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