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Precision manouvering

Yet another leaking lock gate


Thatched house

Village pond

Magic mushrooms

Wilton windmill

Windmill info


Granary info

I finally remembered to take my camera with me while opening a lock and guiding Tony through the bridge and gates. We were lucky here to have a couple of walkers who helped to close the gates for us.

The majority of locks have very badly leaking gates, the maintenance crews won't possibly be able to fix them all this winter.

We travelled through another 4 locks and are moored at Crofton pumping station almost at the summit. The village of Wilton is close by and we wandered across the fields into the village this afternoon.

The crystal clear pond and lovely thatched cottages are very reminiscent of Midsummer Murders.

We walked up the hill to the Wilton Windmill which is the only working windmill in Wessex and dates from 1812.

These mushrooms are actually called staddle stones and help the air to circulate under and around the granary.

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