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Wednesday 28th August

Today is our last day in Europe. We don’t have a room at the guest house tonight, so we have booked at Copenhagen Backpackers, next to the railway station, so we don’t have far to go to get transport to the airport.

We check out around midday and walk to the backpackers, it is not hard to find, but we have to jump through some hoops. Here we have to ring a doorbell at the street to be let into a courtyard mostly used to park bikes, then find the door to the hostel itself. We ring the bell and someone pops out from a window about and drops keys down to us to let us inside, and we use the same key at the top of the first flight of stairs.

We have to pay at check-in, usually it is all prepaid. Our confirmation tells is visa is accepted and all taxes and charges are included. They then try to charge 5% for a credit card. At DKK586, ($141) two beds in a six bed room is bloody expensive, and Tony is having none of it. The reception staff says that they have been told they must charge the fee, and Tony shows them the confirmation letter and says there will be hell to pay if they charge it. It is the principle, not the amount. Tony pays the quoted price, but still puts in a complaint to Booking.com as heard that later on someone else got stung the same way, and the staff wouldn’t back down.

The room was pretty cramped, the bunks three high, and it was hot in there. If the blinds were down no air got in to circulate either, so it was pretty stifling during the night too. There was a large common area, and the toilets and showers were unisex, with no place to hang clothes in the shower, so they had a tendency to fall on the floor and get wet. Only three shower stalls for the hostel, and two toilets, so you had to pick your moments. We head out to the supermarket to get a cheap feed for tea, and some snacks for our flight tomorrow. We got back to the hostel in time for happy hour, the signs around the dining room tell us it is on every day. But not today. Tony queries the price of a couple of beers he ordered, and shows them the happy hour sign, that they take and lie face down on the counter. Tony tells them to stick their bloody beer and walks off to the room. The bar staff tell Cynthea that they have called the manager and told him how unhappy Tony was, and there is a free beer for him. That was nice of them, but we didn’t get any more, we just felt we were being ripped every turn. They asked us if we wanted breakfast, but at DKK55 ($12) for pancakes, cheese, toast, jam, fruit and coffee it was too much, so we said no thanks.

It was not a particularly good nights’ sleep, just so hot until the blinds were pulled up for air flow, and then it was too light in the room. Too hot for eyemasks too.

Tomorrow we fly to Boston…

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