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Monday 26th August

We had a smooth sailing all the way down to Copenhagen, and the engine noise didn’t bother us too much. We arrive in Copenhagen around 9.30am, and we are surprised how quickly they want us off. Basically given about 20 minutes to disembark. When you have hundreds of people all wanting off at the one exit, and there are only two lifts, there is a hell of a bottle neck. Tony was up top as we came into berth (he missed the entrance to the harbour, as he was in the shower). It was difficult to get from the 9th deck to the 2nd where our cabin was, the lifts were in constant use, usually full at each deck. Tony used the stairs instead, but even that was difficult as the stairs were packed at the deck where we disembark from. We waited until late until we tried to go up with our bags, but even then we had a wait for the lift. And it was still crowded on the deck as we try to leave the ferry. We expected some sort of customs/immigration when we arrived, but there was nothing.

We head across the road to the bus stop, not too long to wait for the bus to the guest house we are staying at. We do not have a lot of information about the place, this is the first time we have used a guest house instead of a hostel through booking.com. We have the address, but not the name of the person we are staying with. It turns out to be a bit of a hike from the bus stop at the other end, and it is another hot day. Plenty of people about though, especially on the water.

The guest house is bloody hard to find, it does not help that Google maps sends us to the wrong building, in the wrong street. We are sure we are in the wrong place, this is a business (it was a bank), but maybe there are apartments here too. We ask someone coming out of the building but hey cannot help us. We finally find the house, we had missed it as there was scaffolding surrounding the building. It would have been helpful to have a bit more detail in the directions. We have no idea which bell to ring when we arrive at the building either. We eventually find a phone number to call (it was not easy to find, like the house). The owner seems surprised it took us so long to find the building, and when we say that google maps sent us further along the road to the next street he says that it happened before, and we are not the first to mention it. Tony suggests that he put clearer instructions in the directions, and also that he should put his name in the booking confirmation. Carson says he will check why google maps keeps sending people to the wrong place (two weeks later it was still wrong).

Two nights at the guest house costs DKK1060 ($252). We have our own large room with a view of the canal, shared bathroom, and a decent kitchen. We are not sure how many rooms are here (about fourteen?), but there are about seven permanent flatmates here, and at least three rooms on booking.com or airbnb. We don’t see too much of the others, and it doesn’t feel that inclusive when we do meet up with others.

Today is spent wandering around the canals, there are heaps of people about swimming, picnics, or boating. Some of the hire boats have a table for food (and lots of drink) in the centre. We head down to see the famous painted houses on the Nyhaven River. There are lots of canal cruises on offer, and we pick one of those to take us for ride, DKK100 ($24) for about an hour. We enjoy the trip, lots to see. The Copenhagen Opera House looks like it has been designed as a huge diving board into the canal, we wonder how many people have used that huge overhanging roof to jump into the water? We pass by the Little Mermaid statue, and hoards of people around her. We head through the more residential areas of the canal, it is nearly tea time and people are barbequing on their boats, or just chillaxing with a wine or three. We pass by the stunning Church of our Saviour, with its’ spiral spire that has steps on the outside, making it look like a huge helter skelter ride. We pass under many bridges, and some are very low, and very narrow. One of them we are scraping the sides as we pass through.

At the end of the ride we head off in search of a beer, a cheap one from the corner store rather than the bars that line the river. We find a side street and head off along it to see what is about. Down a set of steep stairs is a small shop selling mainly beer, and at less than half the bar price. We buy a few cans and sit beside the river enjoying our drinks. On the way home we pass by the Tipsy Mermaid, a bar on a boat. May as well give it a go, they serve craft beer, two beers and crisps DKK75 ($18). We get some cool sunset photos as we waddle home, taking the long way past Tivoli Gardens and the town square. We grab some groceries at the supermarket and head back to the guest house around 9pm.

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