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Sandy posing on the Lynn Canyon Park suspension bridge

Robin & Kevin's house

Sky and mountains from roof top deck

Yesterday we relaxed in the house of our friends, Barb & Bevin, before journeying over to their daughter and son-in-law's (Robin and Kevin) house for a Canadian Thanksgiving dinner with their family. About a year ago, Robin & Kevin completed a total tear down and complete replacement of their home, and what a job they did! The new interior features built-in cabinets, convenient nooks to hold a large TV and other assorted, but limited, vases and pictures. I took a picture of the front of their house, which looks nice, but unpretentious. From their roof top deck, I took a picture of clouds intermingling with mountains.

The large family, probably about 25 people, kindly invited Sandy and I to participate in their Thanksgiving celebration, which proved to be a relaxing and welcoming atmosphere. The food was delicious, and we had a good time meeting some family members and renewing acquaintances with others. We really appreciated their inclusion of us. As you may know, Canadians celebrate their Thanksgiving on Monday, 14 October (Columbus Day in the U.S.).

Also attached is a picture of Sandy posing on the Lynn Canyon Park suspension bridge. This was taken by our friend, Bevin, who is an excellent photographer.

Today, we took the ferry over to Victoria, BC, which is the capital of British Columbia. Weather permitting, we hope to see Butchart Gardens tomorrow. Thanks for reading.

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