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Deep Cove marina and bay

Waterfront homes in Deep Cove

Boat with kayaks in Deep Cove

Friends - Barb & Bevin at Deep Cove

Dinner companions

Falls in Lynn Canyon Park

Sandy crossing the suspension bridge in Lynn Canyon Park

River in Lynn Canyon Park

Our friends, Barb & Bevin, hamming it up in Lynn Canyon Park

With signs like these, one wonders if you should enter the Lynn...

Last night, our convivial hosts and friends, Barb & Bevin, kindly hosted a dinner at their house where we could see some other friends in the area, some of whom I have not seen in almost two years (my how time flies!). The dinner was excellent and the company even more so. Lots of laughter, along with good wine, reigned supreme. Sandy and I thoroughly enjoyed seeing Cheryl, Robert, Penny, Brenda, and John. A picture of the dinner companions is attached.

Today, Barb, Bevin, Sandy, and I were local travel vagabonds as we visited a number of local spots in North Vancouver. First on the list was Mt. Seymour, a local ski area. While the views were pretty, alas they were also obscured by misty weather, hence no attached pictures. Our next stop was in a very lovely area called Deep Cove, which is both the name of the small town and the water area. The term picturesque is most appropriate for the town and bay. Coupled with Fall colors emerging on trees, the place proved to be engaging to see. Attached are pictures of the bay, waterfront homes, and people in kayaks near a sailboat. Hopefully, they will do justice to the beauty we saw.

Our next stop was Lynn Canyon Park, a 600+ acre park that is only a short drive from Vancouver. The acreage has a river, falls, wooded walking paths, a suspension bridge, and other non-wooded hiking trails. One can see ferns and other native plant species as you perambulate along constructed wooden trails. Some of the attached pictures show aspects of this part of our adventure, especially one showing Sandy crossing the suspension bridge some 60 or 70 feet above the swiftly flowing river. Oh, I almost forgot to mention that this element of our day trip proved physically demanding since we traversed over 230+ steps, some rather steep, down and then up. Fun it proved, but also aerobic!

Concluding our day adventure, we visited another town called Edgewater, which had a number of shops (somewhat boring to me but not to Sandy & Barb). The place was nice, especially sitting observing the Fall colors emerging on trees, feeling the crisp Fall air, and seeing the peaks of nearby mountains. Afterward, we indulged in a Persian (Iranian) dinner.

Since tomorrow we are going to visit Barb & Bevin's daughter and family for dinner, we may not do too much. Therefore, the next update will likely take place once we arrive in Victoria, BC on Monday, the 14th. Thanks for reading.

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