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Compliments: Everyone in this town that I came in contact with was friendly, helpful, and caring. People stopped on the side of the road when I was in the ditch asking if I was okay, or needed help, or wanted me to have them stay . The tow truck driver was a very kind and reassuring gentleman. The hotel manager couldn't be more accommodating. Most of all, Matt from the body shop went completely out of his way to get my car back to me by 6pm tonight. He gave me a loaner car from his shop to use around town. He called me at least once a day with updates. He handled the Geico adjuster with stern professionalism. I couldn't have been in better hands.

Complaints: There is only one. Geico. Oh they are charming when you call to make a claim but it's downhill after that. Each person I spoke to gave me different information about the claim. No lie. When I asked for a rental car she said they have an agreement with Enterprise and a reservation had been made for me - yeah in Wisconsin! That's the closest Enterprise. When I called their number the clerk just laughed and said "no they would not be coming to pick me up." It was he who told me to ask the body shop if they had loaners since there is no real rental car company in Dacorah. After 2 days I finally got to talk to my assigned adjuster who turned out to be a rather rude and aggressively brash young man.

Result: I am free to leave Dacorah tomorrow morning. Very thankful that after 10 years of driving cross country this was the worst that has ever happened. I will always remember the citizens of Decorah and the many kindnesses that were shown to me during my stay.

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