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The Chocolate Factory

This way to the Chocolate Factory

They had chocolates on the stairway up to the chocolate workshop

Beverly spied the chocolates they had ready for us to sample

But we had to make our own first

Here's our instructor

They had the fillings ready for us to dip in the chocolate

Here's the dipping chocolate

Here's the decorations for the tops of our chocolates

Here's the professional chocolatier showing us how

Beverly and Sue trying it out

Beverly making her own chocolates. We got to take them with us.

Not very pretty but very tasty

Looking down on the factory floor where the professionals work

Chocolate museum

Fanciful characters made of chocolate

Samples of dark to white chocolate. More chocolate please!

Bags of cocoa beans

More figures made of chocolate

Drink your chocolate; liquid chocolate

Can I said, what a waste of chocolate?

It's okay if you can eat the figures of chocolate

Samples of what they put in and on chocolates

The chocolatier loves me!

Cow outside the museum

Afternoon walk through the cigy

Farmer's market

Farmer's market

Farmer's market

We walked up to the top of the city wall to the...

The old city wall

The old city watch tower

The old city watch tower

Oh, what fun we had this morning. All the chocolate we could eat!!! The chocolate factory made chocolate for us to sample; then we made our own chocolates to take with us; then the chocolate museum offered samples of chocolate; then at the inevitable gift and coffee shop you could buy more chocolates. WOW!! We dived right in of course and did ourselves proud!!

In the afternoon, (we were too full to eat lunch!), we took a walk up to the old city wall. It was quite an uphill hike. Not really a great view. We just saw the city; not very pretty. We saw all the pretty yesterday!!!

Tonight, we're going out to dinner with Jim and Sue and our trip leader Sjaack. We're going to a traditional Swiss restaurant and having racklette. It's a cheese dish where a slow flame melts the cheese and you scrape it off as it melts and enjoy it with great bread.

Tomorrow our bus takes up into the Alps. Should be some great pictures up there!

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