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Landing in Naples

Baroque Church in Lecce

Roman Amphitheatre Discovered in Lecce

Torre Minerva Overlooking the Adriatic

The Very Tip of the “Stiletto” Heel of Italia

Gallipolli at Sunset

Polignano del Mare Was Gorgeous

Pomegranate and Pistachio. Yum!

My “duplex” at Masseria Torrecella Near Alberobello

The Guy Who Wrote Volare

Adriatic Beach

Picturesque Everything

Open Kitchen at Lunch

Two of Hundreds of “trulli” Homes in Alberobello

Lots of White Stone In Puglia

Men Are Very Open Here, Striped Clothing is “In”

Cool Pines Outside Castel de Monte

Frederick the Second Built It

Lunch at Montegusto was the Best Yet

Outside of my “Cave” Room in Matera

Matera in the Evening

Relaxing in My Cave

Gaetano Was Adorable and a Great Guide

Sasso Cavosso Still Being Renovated

Matera Has Been Inhabitated Since the Stone Age

Looks Like the Middle East?

This Cave Will Soon Be a Hotel Room

Buongiorno! This may be short because typing on an iPhone SE is tricky. On Oct 4 I flew from Denver to Newark, then on to Naples, arriving at 8:00 am on Oct 5. Suzan Rozypal, owner of Italy with Friends, picked me up

four hours later in a VW Caravelle van and we headed east to the Bari area. By 6:00 pm I could not stay awake and I slept for 12 hours straight. Heaven! The next morning the other tour members arrived: Larry and Peggy from Chicago, Patti and Frank from Austin and Chris and Merrilyn from Phoenix. We have been touring Puglia with local guides since this is Suzan’s first real visit here. So far we have seem the very “out there” baroque of Lecce; the lookout towers along the Adriatic Sea; one of the “white towns” called Ostuni; the gorgeous seaside resort of Polignano del Mare; walked among the trulli houses in Alberbello; visited the Mediterranean port of Gallipolli; eaten amazing food at the “masseria” we stayed at; walked the amazing hilly town of Matera where I am sleeping in a room that is a cave. The new houses/rooms are built above the cave homes of the Materana people. The people who lived in Sasso Barisano and Sasso Cavosso were forcibly moved in the 1950’s because Italy was ashamed at the way they still lived in the caves right along with their sheep, pigs and chickens. It is a fascinating place and many movies have been filmed here including Mel Gibson’s Passion of Christ, Wonder Woman and the most recent James Bond flick to be released next year. Renovation and tourism is recent here and renovation is far from complete. Get here before it is too late! I love Italy!

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