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On the ferry

Marina Grande

Around the island

Outlook from up top

Lunch - thanks Gramps

Swim time

Off to Capri today after a nice restful day yesterday. I'd booked us on the 9:50 ferry so we had breakfast about 7:30 so we had time to eat and get organised to walk down to the port by 9:30. We had the climb down the stairs again and arrived in plenty of time. There was the usual chaos of the port with no clear direction about who should be standing where. There were heaps of people milling around, some with tickets for 9:20, others 9:40 and us with our 9:50 tickets. The jet boat docked and we all got a bit excited however it wasn't ours. 9:20 passed, 9:40 passed, 9:50 passed and still no boat. I finally found a staff member who assured me there was a boat coming. In the meantime, a tour guide who was taking a group to the island was trying to get the crowd, which was becoming a bit agitated, into some semblance of order so see didn't trample each other when the boat arrived. It finally arrived about 10:10 and we all piled aboard. The kids and I went on the upper deck so we were in the fresh air and it would be easier for photos.

It was about a 20 minutes trip and a little bit bouncy but the son was shining so all was good with the world. Had a stop for a loo break and then gelato for the kids before booking on the boat tour around the island. No Blue Grotto today. (again) so just a ride around the circumference. It was very pleasant in the boat and we some some interesting sights.

Back to the harbour and we caught the funicular to the town up top so we could find a restaurant to have our lunch Gramps was shouting. I tried to find the one I went to last year with Sarah and Riley however I don't think it's there anymore. Must to Jennis dismay, we climbed up an extra level and found a nice little restaurant out of the way of the crazy crowds. The food was delicious although I only had a salad.

We wandered around the shops for a while and Joe bought a few things before we lined up for the funicular again to go down to the port. We were ready to head home so I checked with the boats that were in port and we were able to transfer to a boat that left an hour earlier. It was a beautiful journey back to the mainland...the wind had dropped off and the bay was very calm. We caught the local bus to the station (and shared it with heaps of other people) and then walked home.

Swim time...kids and I spent about half an hour in the pool after we'd had a little rest. The water was cool but, once you were in for a while, it was lovely. Rest time again and then out for dinner at 7:00pm. We went to the lovely local restaurant and had a nice meal. Jenni and I shared gnocchi and a salad....didn't think we could eat a main meal each. After a quick visit to the electronics shop where Jenni exchanged the iPad cable she bought yesterday for one that worked, and then off to our rooms and bed.

Last sleep in Sorrento and second last night in Italy.

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