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Laundromat to start the day

Swim time in the hotel pool

Looking down to the water

Team on the steps down

Looking over the Bay of Naples


Lazy day today as the forecast is for heavy rain and thunderstorms. We sure had both during the night. The forecast is better for tomorrow so we decided to have a chill-out day around Sorrento today and go to Capri tomorrow. We had a late start to the day with breakfast at 8.30...we were the only ones there. Then Jenni took the kids to the hotel pool and I went to the laundromat. We thought it might be nice to have some clean clothes to wear home.

Jobs done, we walked down the road for a coffee and then went for a bit of a walk around town. I'd booked our ferry tickets to Capri and wanted to buy ferry tickets to Napoli for Wednesday so we walked down to the port. Walked down the steep stairs...there must be a couple of hundred and at least we were gokng down...not so hard on the legs. I collected the ferry tickets but couldn't buy the ones for Napoli as the lady said the weather might not be good so to come and buy them 20 minutes before the boat sailed. We then piled into a local bus for the trip up the hill. I was under the impression that our 24 hour tickets covered the local bus howe er our driver wouldn't play that game and made us pay €1.30 each to get there.

We alighted at the station and then bought some rolls for lunch before heading home to eat them and then having a bit of a snooze. That was the plan however Joe still had his postcard to post so we set off to buy a stamp. We'd seen the post office earlier so set off with great confidence. We arrived at the top of the stairs to the port without finding it and decided we must have missed it. Back we went and found it about 50 metres from home. It was like getting into Fort Knox...we had to press the button to go through to an airlock. The door closed behind us and the inside door didn't open until the outside door closed. Then we had to take a ticket and wait for our number to be called. A local lady helped us which was very kind. Stamp bought, reverse of door system negotiated and we were free to go. Postcard posted outside.

Joe and Georgia were planning a shopping expedition however we noticed the shops were closing for siesta so suggested they leave it until a bit later. When they went, they couldnt find anything interesting. Terrible when you have money and nothing to spend it on.

Late afternoon, Joe and I went out to get some fruit. Bought some beautiful grapes and a couple of donut peaches from the fruit shop next door and then went further for some Mentos for Joe and an afternoon beer for Jenni and me.

We'd decided to have dinner at the same restaurant as we had lunch on Sunday however they were booked out when we got there. Darn. We ooked for tomorrow night so we can enjoy another meal there. We wandered down the road checking out and vetoing various restaurants until we found one we agreed on. It broke one of the rules the Venice man told us last year in that it had pictures on the meals on a board outside. The food was very nice though. Dinner eaten, it was home to bed.

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