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Spruce Goose Cafe at Jefferson County Airport

Sandy & Debbie in front of Spruce Goose Cafe

Small plane going down runway in background

Port Gamble house

Drew House in Port Gamble

Main street of Port Gamble

General Store of Port Gamble

Sandy amid flowers and wondering what kind they are

Anybody know what the white machine is

Seattle Space Needle

Seattle downtown with ferris wheel on the waterfront

Leaving Port Townsend, we stopped at the Jefferson County International Airport. Yes, I said the International Airport. It really is a well laid out small general aviation field, but it carries the moniker of "International" because one can clear Customs coming from Canada without going to a large airport like Seattle-Tacoma.

In any case, we had a delicious breakfast at the Spruce Goose Café, located at the airport. There are numerous model airplanes hanging from the ceiling and other aviation related memorabilia situated around the café, but the food is great and plentiful, actually a bit too plentiful. This is a place I recommend should you be in the area. Attached are pictures of the café, Sandy and her friend, Debbie, in front of the café, and a small airplane about to take off (in the background of two parked aircraft).

We next visited the small town of Port Gamble, which is an amazingly well preserved and wholly owned lumber company town. It is situated near the entrance to the beautiful Hood Canal. The town was founded in 1853 by three men in honor of Lt. Robert Gamble who was wounded in the War of 1812. They planned the town to look like their native town of East Machias, Maine. Port Gamble is a fine example of a proverbial "company owned town." It is well organized and maintained, almost giving the feeling of bucolic. Attached are pictures of the town. The last one is of Sandy standing amid flowers with a quizzical expression on her face. I am calling the picture "Sandy amid flowers and asking 'What kind are they?" Oh, can anyone identify the white machine in the one Port Gamble photo?

We also stopped in the town of Poulsbo, founded by Scandinavians and has overt signs of its origin throughout the charming place. One great place in the town is the bakery, called Sluys Bakery. Walk in there and you will wonder how much you will weigh before walking out the door. This is a definite if you visit the area.

After taking the ferry to Seattle, we dropped off Sandy's two friends at their airport hotel. We're now ensconced in our downtown Seattle hotel. We'll do some exploring tomorrow, and hope the rain forecasted holds off until later.

Thanks for reading.

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