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Best Two Resort in The Red Sea:

There are more resort lies in the Red Sea, but we will mention in this article The best 2 resort in the Red Sea starts with:

Hurghada "The Jewel of Egypt"

Tourism in Hurghada is one of the most important areas of tourism in Egypt, both externally and internally. It attracts tourists due to the splendor of its beaches and the purity and serenity of its waters filled with coral reefs colorful and eye-catching. 

While being in Hurghada, there are more things to do such as snorkeling, diving, safari trips, or you can enjoy unforgettable tours to the ancient places in Egypt through booking one of Hurghada excursions.

The Most Important Landmarks in Hurghada:

1- El Gouna: One of the best tourist resorts in Egypt and in Hurghada, which offers a fun opportunity to practice various water sports, El Gouna, which is about 20 km away from the city include 6 key neighborhoods: Marina where you can enjoy a trip on the back of a yacht, Golf District where you can visit the international golf courses, the neighborhood Mediterranean, Italian and southern neighborhood, Hadaba district, Down Town shopping, and entertainment district.

2- Sahl Hasheesh: One of the most beautiful tourist resort in Hurghada, and shows its beauty in the serenity of the water, which can be enjoyed by roaming on the promenade overlooking the sea or on a yacht with diving and watching the sunken Pharaonic monuments, you can also enjoy on the ground playing golf through the two courses Provided there.

3- Giftun Island: One of the best tourist Island in Egypt in terms of tranquility and recreation provided by cruises by boat or yacht, where diving in more than 13 sites famous for the island, while enjoying the beauty of marine creatures.

4- Al Saqala "Meaning Scaffold": It's the vibrant and main area of Hurghada, where dozens of shops sell everything you need and provide you with the services you need during your stay in the city, is a good opportunity for lovers to walk with exploration.

5- Plateau: One of Hurghada's famous neighborhoods starts from Al Saqala area where you feel you are going up to enjoy a wonderful sea view.

5- DaharIf you are a fan of mixing indigenous people anywhere you visit, the popular Dahar area is your ideal destination in Hurghada, where cafes and popular neighborhoods inhabit the country away from the usual glamor of tourist areas.

Note: If you decide to travel to Egypt, then read more about best 6 activities to do in Egypt.

Sharm El-Sheikh "The Pearl of The Red Sea"

Sharm El Sheikh is an Egyptian coastal city with a warm winter climate, stunning beaches and beautiful marine creatures of gradient fish and coral reefs, making it the top tourist destination in Egypt in recent decades.

Tourism in Sharm El Sheikh is characterized by visiting multiple nature reserves, with water sports such as diving, swimming and surfing, and enjoying the Aqua Park, which is one of the best tourist places in Egypt in general and Sharm El Sheikh in particular, and suitable for family visits, children and young people because of the fun and diverse water games provide you a spirit Adventure, along with hotel services and Day use rooms are available for the convenience of visitors.

The Most Important Places in Sharm El Sheikh:

1- Ne'ema Bay: One of the most famous tourist resorts in Sharm El Sheikh among Arab and foreign tourists alike, the resort enjoys a long walk overlooking the Red Sea with shops and restaurants to meet all tastes, with the availability of day safari trips riding bikes and enjoy the beauty and tranquility of deserts And experience the Bedouin life on its origins through tents and Bedouin food.

2- The Old Market: One of the city's famous markets for souvenirs and traditional handicrafts, so if you want to buy gifts for your family at affordable prices, do not miss it and make it your last place before traveling.

3- One Thousand and One Nights Park: A closed park that offers sound and light shows that tell the history and civilization of Egypt's Pharaonic, from which you will feel like you are attending a show like that provided by the Pyramids of Giza, as well as restaurants and places offering local traditional dance shows such as the famous Bedouin dance. You can then take your family at more than 450 shops selling world-famous brands at the famous Mercato Mall, which is near the park.

At the end of the article, if you really prefer to discover Egypt and enjoy its delicious resorts, then Egypt day tours provide you best memorable day trips around Egypt, day tours from Hurghada and Sharm El Sheikh to explore the enchanting landmarks of Egypt such as Giza pyramids, the enchanting temples & tombs of Upper Egypt, and much more which Egypt can offer for your vacations.

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