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We bid our apartment farewell!

Action man Tom wants to investigate the local grapes

And finds those left on the vine are all dried up. But...

Morning tea and I’ve found a gigantic gf meringue that I can...

And another town sculpture for me to get excited about

I stop to look at lots of pelicans. But only these 2...

And another long path next to the beach

At last we reach La Grande-Motte. With its innovative architecture

Many pyramid shaped buildings there too

We have drinks looking out at the Mediterranean

Our hotel building in La Grande-Motte

Sunset from our hotel room


- very flat riding

- Lots and lots of water again

- Nice short day

- Bike paths almost the whole way. Often with a tail wind.

- Navigation through some of the towns was tricky as the sign posts were missing or confusing

- Arrived at La Grande Motte to find it was totally different to the other holiday beach towns we have passed through in France. The others were lots of high rise apartments in the usual style right up to the beach

- This place was designed and built in the 60s/70s and quite ‘futuristic’ looking. With lots of open green space between the buildings and all back from the beachfront leaving it open to the public. It was over a huge area and quite complex little paths linking areas ( tricky to navigate our way in but would have been perfect to set an orienteering course in! )

- Stayed in a hotel this time and Tom had fun doing the checkin in French whilst I guarded the bikes outside. Hôtel has a special locked room for bikes so that was perfect

- Had time to go for a walk along the beach promenade and a drink in a cafe watching promenade activities. All before dinner a little later at another restaurant.

Accommodation 59€ for 2 in the Actif Residence (hôtel)

Distance Today: 49 km Distance Total: 1469km


Windy but pleasant temperature



Usual with a hard boiled egg each


No lunch as we had a late breakfast and stopped for coffee at 1pm at a bakery where Tom had his favourite (chausson aux pomme - Apple turnover) and I had a gigantic meringue and only ate half of it.

Dinner € 37pp

Roast veal with vegetables and chips- T

Huge entrecôte steak with vegetables and chips- P

Nice bottle of red wine and bubbly water


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