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Last trip down the stairs

On the train

Amalfi coast


Busy policewoman controlling the pedestrian crossing

Driving into the sunset towards Sorrento

Last trip down the 4 flights of stairs....all 80 of them. We struggled down with our bags and set off for the nearby train station. Our host had given us the name of one which is about 650 metres from the apartment so we don't have to trek over town to get to Napoli Centrale. The station was much quieter than Centrale and even though there was a train due to leave at 10:09, by the time I'd bought our tickets, we missed it and had to wait for the 10:39 service. We piled on when the train arrived and took up two sets of 4 seats between us and our luggage. We thought that was pretty good however when we arrived at Napoli Girabaldi, just about every tourist in Naples and some locals boarded so we had to pile the luggage up and make room so others could have a seat. Most people will disembark at Pompeii, I'm sure however Pompeii is about 45 minutes into the journey. Passengers were jammed on like sardines and I was even more grateful we boarded where we did because we at least had a seat. We arrived at Pompeii and the train was miraculously emptied by more than half and we were able to spread out again for the rest of the journey. We had a family sitting nearby who had their dog with them and I wish we could do the same at home. I'd love to take Buddy when we go into Perth on the bus.

We arrived in Sorrento about 12 and went direct to the hotel. We were able to check in straight away, 3 cheers, so dropped our bits and pieces in our rooms and then set out for lunch. Joe and I are sharing rooms, Jenni and Georgia and we are on the same floor with one room between us.

We walked about 50 metres along Corso Italia and stopped at a cafe Sarah, Riley and I went to a couple of times last year. The food was delicious, home made pasta for all with a delicious salad. It's a bit more expensive than other places however Sorrento generally is.

It's supposed to pour with rain tomorrow so we agreed to do the bus trip along the Amalfi coast this afternoon. I checked and the bus will be going through Positano so I was happy about that as we weren't able to ge there last year. €10 each for a 24 hour ticket and we were ready to go. The bus arrived however we were at the back of the queue so would have had to stand to Amalfi so decided to wait for the next bus. We were then first in line so were able to get good seats. Having said that, one local lady tried to jump the queue and Jenni took her on. We were first on board.

What an amazing drive. I would hate to be a bus driver here. They must be exhausted at the end of the day. We saw beautiful scenery along the way. It still astounds me why someone would look at some of the blocks along the way and decide to build a house there. The hills are al Ost perpendicular to the ground.

We arrived at Amalfi after a journey of about and hour and a half. We decided not to get off along the way as we were happy looking at the scenery. Positano looked a bit scary too as its a long way down to the water from the bus route. Neither Jenni nor I were interested in walking down and then up and someone later told us the local bus only runs every hour.

We had coffee and cake in Amalfi and a little wander around before walking back to the bus area and waiting for our bus. One bus came and quickly filled up and once again, we weren't interested in standing so waited for the next one. People kept thing to jump the queue and we quickly put in their place by others in the queue. Our bus finally arrived and we were off. The return journey was about 2 hours as there was a lot more traffic on the road. We had a few buses pass us going in the opposite direction with only centimetres between the buses. Exciting.

We arrived in Sorrento after dark and dropped by the supermarket to buy the makings of a slack dinner. Chips, beer and bananas. Jenni and I sat outside on the balcony watching the world go by, sipping on a beer before making our way to bed.

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