2019 Sandy & Bill's West Coast Adventure travel blog

Docked boats in John Wayne Marina

Lake Crescent - water, sky, & trees

Homes along Lake Crescent

Port Townsend Victorian home

Another Port Townsend Victorian house

Sitting area of Manresa Castle Hotel in Port Townsend

Contestants in a Kinetic Sculpture Race

Character in Port Townsend Kinetic Sculpture Race

Totem in town of Sequim

Along our drive today, we saw the beautiful Lake Crescent, which is a glacially carved lake. It is cold and very clear, located in the Olympic National Park along WA Route 101. The area is almost bucolic in its natural beauty. Two pictures that are attached hopefully give some credence to what I described. Notwithstanding the natural wonder of this area, we were witness to a near catastrophic car accident. As we stood mesmerized by what we saw, a small SUV suddenly careened off its lane, destroyed a road sign, partially went airborne, and seemingly managed to regain control before possibly plunging into the lake. Long story, the occupants seemed unhurt, but their vehicle suffered major damage, like losing the front bumper and right quarter panel, and dinging the heck out of the passenger door. Since another couple stopped to see to the occupants and there was no cell service to call for assistance, we continued down the role to successfully call the police. We were all shaken by the "near miss" those two people had.

The town of Sequim was our next stop. Sequim is known for its lavender farms and shops. We partook of some lavender products and enjoyed the town's atmosphere. A picture attached shows a totem in the town.

Our overnight stop is in the town of Port Townsend, which was a well-known 19th century seaport. While its economic future did not materialize as hoped, many Victorian homes were built and stand today as homes, inns, or B&Bs. Two pictures hopefully show their architectural beauty. Also in Port Townsend, we came across something of which none of us ever heard. It's called a Kinetic Sculpture Race. Contestants have to compete over two days. We're still not sure about all the rules, but attached are some pictures of contestants and attendant characters. Enjoy. Oh, the hotel in which we are staying is called the Manresa Castle Hotel, initially built in 1892 as a private home and went through several iterations before it became a hotel. It is reputed to be haunted. I guess we'll see.

Tomorrow, we complete our trek across the Washington Olympic area and head to Seattle. Thanks for reading.

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