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It took an hour to get from Saugerties to Albany and only 15 minutes to check my bag, go through Security and find my gate! So glad I got Global Entry which also gives me pre-check. I only had to take my boots off because they have metal eyelets!

In Atlanta, I enjoyed a burrito bowl for lunch and sat to write these entries! In an hour, I will board a plane for the six hour flight to Lima!

That flight was uneventful but going through customs after midnight with hundreds of others was! I had just told Sara, Pat, & Kathy not to follow me because I always pick the longest line. Sara and I were in a line next to Pat & Kathy and things were good until we were one person away from the agent. We waited for a long time and then the agent came and told us we all had to go to the end of a different line! We were practically the last people through!

We found our ride to the hotel (Casa Andina Select Miraflorese) - 50 minutes away - and got to our rooms after 2 AM. Then I found out that breakfast will be at 6, a meeting at 7, and our adventure starts at 7:30! My roommate, Debby, didn't get much sleep either, waiting for me to arrive!

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