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Not quite what Georgia expected

The train

Along the journey

Leaving Napoli Centrale

Near our accommodation

Not what I expected - 4 flights of stairs

Very large pizza for dinner. Very delicious

Birthday prep

Time to say arrividerci to Venezia. Our train leaves at 10:30 and we were packed and ready to go by just after 9 so decided to leave and stop off on the way to the station to have a coffee. We are old hands at finding our way around now so off we went. Stopped in a little cafe about half way along the route and as it was a bit chilly, walked through to find a table for 4. We were in a room the doubles as a slot machine gambling parlour. There were 3 or 4 guys going hard at it. We ordered our drinks and Goergia's turned out to be iced coffee, not iced chocolate. No wonder the waitress looked puzzled when we ordered an iced chcolate and pointed at the iced coffee in the menu. Joe helped her out by eating the cream and ice cream so it wasn't a total waste.

We arrived at the train station in plenty of time and settled in to wait. As usual, the station was busy with people coming and going. The train system here is fantastic. We were soon on board our train and on our way to Napoli via Roma. I assumed we would be on the same seats and train for the whole journey however checked our tickets part way along to see we were in a different carriage for the leg from Roma to Napoli. Same seat numbers, different carriage. I checked again as we approached Roma to see we were on a totally different train...not sure why that happened when I booked the tickets. You'd expect the booking system would have us going through on the same train. We alighted in Roma and then boarded our next train about 30 minutes later.

We arrived into the chaos of Napoli Centrale about an hour later. We joined the long line for a taxi and even though it was long, we were soon at the front of the queue. We piled in and gave the driver our address. He then proceeded to ask us what we were going while in Napoli, did we want a taxi to take us to Pompeii and Vesuvius etc? When I told him we were on a tour I received a mouthful of no no, you can catch the train or a taxi. Much cheaper etc, etc. Fair enough comment which I acknowledged but sometimes those options aren't feasible, especially with limited time and kids in tow. He wasn't happy. Once again, we feel a little unloved by the locals.

We arrived at our accommodation via a certain amount of Google maps and the rest leaning out the window and asking people. Even though it is only 1.9ks from the station, the ride took about 30 minutes...the traffic is horrendous. No one was waiting outside the accommodation so I sent a Whatsapp message to be told the wife was in the apartment and to ring the buzzer for unit 4. I did and could hear the buzzer click the door however we couldn't open it. The lady called down to us and told us the knack for opening it. To my horror, she was calling from quite a distance up. In we went and were faced with stairs, lots of stairs. Turns out we were on the 4th floor and no lift. I don't know how I missed that when I booked the property. We were all feeling pretty shattered by the time we reached the top.

Our host was very helpful and amongst other things, on the side, gave me directions to a shop I could buy a birthday cake for Joe. I'd messaged them in advance to see if they could recommend somewhere I could buy a nice cake. I left the others and on the pretence of going to the supermarket, set out to buy a cake, card and some decorations as well as a few goodies from the supermarket. I found birthday cards....Boun Compleanno, balloons and a cake and bought a few bits in the supermarket. Then home to drop off the goodies and grab the gang to go out for dinner. Our host recommended a very good pizzeria just down the road and suggested we get there at 7 as it gets very busy. She was right on both things...the pizzas we delicious (and huge) and the premises were very busy. They don't let you sit around and have a nice social chat. It's in, order taken, food comes out, food is eaten and out the door. The wait staff were very friendly though so that was a bonus for us. We were happy to be booted out the door (nicely of course) so we could go home to bed (after we climbed 80 steep, narrow stairs).

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