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Care for a ride - statue in a small Portland park

Street art in Portland

Powell's Bookstore

Lan Su Chinese Garden

Lan Su Chinese Garden ponds and buildings

Ornate room in Lan Su Chinese Garden

Today was a day of exploration. We divided, but did not conquer Portland. Sandy and her friends took a "Hop-on and Hop-off" bus tour. I did a small "walkabout." As one might expect, it is not too likely to be able to see all that a city can offer. Sandy's tour included a Japanese Garden, hilltop homes overlooking the city, etc. I walked to the Lan Su Chinese Garden, which is definitely worth seeing. Attached are several pictures of the Garden, which I found a very peaceful setting.

As I walked through parts of the city, I spied some unusual street art and statues. I've also included a few pictures of them. Portland is a quirky and artistic city, which seems to revel in its uniqueness. The city rightly prides itself on being dedicated to sustainability, which is quite evident as one walks about the place.

My last stop was in Powell's Bookstore, a well known and famous book seller in Portland. I wound up spending more time there than I anticipated, but the net result will be a box of books delivered to my home and waiting for me upon my return.

Tomorrow we invade the state of Washington, going to see Mt. St. Helens as our first stop. Thanks for reading.

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