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Sandy entering the Columbia River Gorge Discovery Center

Sandy awed by the size of a mammoth

Sandy better be careful

Red hawk eyeing me as I took the picture

Big Horned Owl

Depiction of migration routes from Asia to N. America

Sandy & me with Multnomah Falls in background

Although this update is entitled "Portland - Day 1," we really only arrived in the city just a little while ago. Our exploration of Portland will await until tomorrow.

In the meantime, we hit two places on the way to Portland. The first was the Columbia River Gorge Discovery Center, near The Dalles, OR. This is an extremely well done museum, and I recommend it for your consideration. It depicts the Columbia River area beginning in the Ice Age and proceeding through more modern times. There is a good description of the first dam built on the Columbia River. Pictures attached include the museum's entrance, for which the architect received an award for its design, Sandy awed by the size of a mammoth, and one which I entitled "Sandy better be careful" where she does not see a predator above her. There is also a picture of the Ice Age migration routes of people from Asia to North America. On the latter photo, the land bridge between Asia and North America was called Beringia, and through DNA analysis, scientists concluded there were three distinct migrations as ice ebbed and returned. Pretty interesting.

The second stop was at Multnomah Falls, the 2nd largest year-round falls in the U.S. The falls drops 620 feet. It's pretty impressive and very easy to access just off I-84. I included a picture of Sandy and me with the Falls in the background.

Tomorrow we enjoy the sights of Portland. Thanks for reading.

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