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Beziers had some interesting architecture

Canal path started out being very good

Sometimes we rode on the levy bank

Always cute barges

And the light on the water was lovely at times

The confluence of the Robine canal and the canal du Midi

Tom checks for other cafes in the area when we find this...

When we do find lunch I have a lovely smoked duck and...

The town church is on the market square

Back in the canal we see the famous Malpas Tunnel

And the boat coming through has a huge helm

Boats have to time their entry into the tunnel well as it...

Our delicious tapas meal in Béziers

Returning to our apartment on the ground floor


- a mixture of ok and horrible (rocky and rutted with lots of tree roots) canal paths all day.

- Cycling into the wind for much of the morning but early afternoon mostly had a strong tail wind. Thank goodness!

- Followed the Canal de Robine all the way to it’s junction with the Canal du Midi.

- Left the canal paths for a short time to escape the shocking surface and to look for somewhere for lunch. Many restaurants are closed now summer is officially over.

- Stopped in the small town of Capestang and stumbled across the market, which was just closing. Lots of cafes so chose one and had lunch there. It was very popular.

- We passed many vineyards and lots of grapes being harvested

- Watched boats negotiating the Tunnel de Malpas on the canal du midi. Very nearly a collision between a large boat and slightly smaller one. Very exciting !

- Passed the Foncerannes Locks but only had time for a brief look because we were running late for our AirBnb check-in, which required a massive climb up into the town.

- Nice appt with a roomy mezzanine level right on a corner of a square in the old town. Lots to see our of the windows both up and down stairs.

Accommodation 48€ per night for 2

Distance Today: 55 km Distance Total: 1352km



Coolish start then mid 20s finish



Cereal and porridge

Lunch €27 for 2 at the cafe de la grille in Capestang

Brandade de Morue - T

Large salad of smoked duck, ham, tomatoes , Roquefort , lettuce , onions. - P


Dinner 27€ pp

Tapas and a lovely bottle of local red

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