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A memorial to the Jewish citizens of Bonn who were killed by...

The Kennedy Bridge-boy mooning the town across the river.


Memorial to King Wilhelm I

The University of Bonn

A market square

City Hall of Bonn where President John F. Kennedy gave a speech


Ludwig von Beethoven


City Hall

Beautiful buildings

Church being renovated

Favorite candy in Germany, gummy bears

Market Place

Birthplace of Beethoven

Beverly in front of the home of Beethoven

Our boat

Later in the day, we sailed south on the Rhine River to...

We took this cog-wheel train up a steep mountain to the Drachenfels...

View of the Rhine River Valley from the Castle

Another view.

Another view

Another view

Another castle bombed out and not reconstructed

Drachenburg Castle (Dragon Castle)



Entry way of the castle

Gentleman's bedroom

Gentlemen's dining room

Music room, but organ pipes are fake; to save money yet impress...

Lady's Bedroom

Lady's Bed

It was the fashion to have exotic animal furs on the floor.

Living room

Main dining room

Library, but with few books; the owner just wanted to impress his...

Billiards table was real; different game though, no pockets and only 3...

View of the Rhine River Valley off a castle balcony

The best view

Breakfast is wonderful, of course. An omelet bar; buffet of museli, breads, pastries, meats and cheeses, bacon, sausages, eggs, etc.

After today's breakfast, we enjoyed a walking tour of Bonn's Old Town, where we saw the Baroque City Hall, Romanesque Basilica and Beethoven's memorial. Founded by the Romans, Bonn was the provisional capital of West Germany from the years following WWII until Germany's reunification in 1990. Today, Bonn is home to numerous museums and gardens, as well as a large student population that lives near the University of Bonn's campus.

Bonn was totally devastated in WWII so most of its beautiful medieval buildings were lost. Only a few were saved and restored. It's the same with most of northern Germany since that is where their industrial complex was located. Most cities are all new construction. Very sad.

Then back to the boat for lunch. They have a special item at every lunch plus a huge fresh salad bar. Doug and I are enjoying the salad bar.

Following lunch, the boat moved down the Rhine to Konigswinter. We took a cogwheel train up to the Drachenfels Plateau. Drachen means dragon in German. The legend says that a young man killed the dragon who lived in a cave in the hill. He then bathed in its blood to become invulnerable. There are many other legends of course. Anyway, the mountain commands an excellent view of the Rhine River Valley. Our pictures do not show the real beauty of the area. This view, to me, represents the Germany countryside that I love.

Schloss Drachenfels is a new castle, built in the 1920's, in the style of a baroque castle. The man who built it never lived in it but just wanted to impress his friends with his castle. The main floor is all authentic marble and wood but in the second floor, the private quarters, everything if fake but made to look authentic.

We returned to the boat and had our dinner. They have a theme every night. Tonight was German so we had saurebraten and red cabbage. And of course, all the wine we can drink. It's been a wonderful cruise so far and should only get better. Tomorrow we sail west on the Mosel River through France.

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