2019 Sandy & Bill's West Coast Adventure travel blog

Sandy in front of Henry the Fish

Natasha the Turtle

Carved seal from one piece of wood in Bandon

Carved Sea Horse

Cosmo the Tufted Puffin

Beautiful shoreline of Bandon, OR

Oceanfront homes in Bandon, OR

Pacific Ocean at Bandon, OR

Large dunes in southern Oregon

We've arrived in Florence, Oregon. We took a fortunate detour to arrive here instead of coming here more directly. We went to the town of Bandon, Oregon on the southern coast of Oregon, and we were glad we did. The place we intended to visit, alas, was closed, but we got to see two of their creations outside their store. Based upon their desire to remove pollutants from the ocean water, they create artistic renditions that are wholly made from junk removed from the ocean. The first photo is of Henry the Fish and the second is Natasha the Turtle. A third creation is Cosmo the Tufted Puffin. Can you see some of its components, such as combs, lighters, flip flops, a bike seat, and a paint brush. Taking marine debris and converting it to artwork is a very worthy endeavor, and we were glad to witness this effort.

Two other pictures from the Bandon waterfront include two carvings, each from one piece of wood, of a seal and a sea horse. While at the waterfront, I met a couple, Alice and Edward, who used to live in McLean, VA and now live on an island in the harbor of Auckland, New Zealand. they were driving from Seattle to San Francisco. Small world!

We drove a short distance to see some great looking oceanfront homes, beautiful scenes of the Pacific shore, and one of a series of large sand dunes stretching for about 30 or so miles along the coast from Bandon all the way to Florence.

Tomorrow is seeing seals, lighthouses, and the famous, for Oregon, Tillamook cheese and ice cream factory. Thanks for reading.

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