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Great vending machines on the station. All travelling electronic and mobile phone...

It’s early morning on the train station. No one else there

The train arrives....

... covered in graffiti

We pass Dry, brown country. With some mines

Little towns with huge churches

And a huge wind farm

That seemed to go on forever

More towns with churches

At last we reach the Mediterranean

We have ice-creams whilst waiting to check into our apartment

When we do checkin, it’s gigantic

With ornate ceilings

Tom closes the huge doors awe head outforsinner

We are in a quiet, but interesting part of the old town

I have a really delicious Parmesan cheese risotto

Made in a Parmesan cheese shell

We return after dinner. Our apartment is upstairs with the balconies

- left the apartment by 7am to catch an early train.

- Bikes loaded on train and all was fine. Fairly boring countryside (dry flat) and we were happy we hadn’t bothered to ride any of it.

- We got to Zaragoza to change trains at the station our ticket had as our destination, only to get off the train and discover our next train went from another station (as per the 2nd ticket given to us at the Pamplona train station). Damn, I hadn’t checked the detail and if we’d stayed on the train we would have arrived at the correct change station. Momentarily stress but the ticket office there assured us we could catch an appropriate train right there to get us to Barcelona. Even better it was going thru the town we were staying in before it got to Barcelona, so we would arrive earlier than we’d expected. Bonus!

- The rest of the trip gradually got greener as we approached the coast, although there was much studying of factories (guessing what they may produce) and mines as we flew past them in the train!

- Apart from lifts not working and/or being too small for bikes , in our destination station, the trip went smoothly.

- Great feel to the town when we arrived. Really old, lots of winding narrow streets and bars, cafes and squares everywhere. It was alive, but didn’t feel touristy.

- Found our accommodation but no one to let us in. So visited tourist office to get town info then returned to house and Lisa greeted us.

- Incredible apartment. One whole floor of an 1800 century mansion. Been partially renovated and lots more to go. 12 foot high patterned ceilings. Huge doors. The bathroom several rooms away from the bedroom!!! A patio. Several balconies. Only downside was the hot water was broken so had to use the owner’s shower which was 3 flights of stairs up. They haven’t yet renovated and it was an interesting journey upstairs. All good fun.

Dinner €58 for 2

In a fabulous restaurant recommended by Ivan (host). Only one street away. In a cellar. Fusion Spanish/Italian modern food. Wonderful dishes. Great find.

Caramelised roasted pumpkin with burrata, roasted tomatoes, anchovies and caramelised balsamic. ( T and P shared)

Risotto made in a parmigiana reggiano wheel. Delicious and cheesy and creamy. - P

- seafood ravioli in a rich fish sauce. - T

- Catalan cream - P

- Tart tatin - T

- Catalonian Red wine

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