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Bridge from cloisters to cathedral

Dog at the foot of romp sculpture looks like he is having...

Roman bust

Roman mosaic floor

Sant Pau admissions area 1910

Barcelona street lamp

Yesterday I spent a lovely morning in Barcelona; freshly squeezed orange juice, a flaky still warm croissant and tea. Later I wandered the old town and toured the old cathedral. Very gothic, with stained glass windows from the 14th century. Their patron saint was martyred at 13 for converting to Christianity. (Clearly these people did not have much experience with moody 13 year olds, and while I have occasionally considered killing mine during those years, this seems excessive...). She underwent 13 “trials”, all of which she is depicted enduring rather cheerily in her bas relief sculptures.

Later I toured the History of Barcelona Museum, which takes you down about 70 feet below street level to show the Roman origins upon which the city was built. (Sometimes literally, as there are layers In the walls using old tombstones and parts of columns, as well as the local quarried stone...) It was interesting as the area found was a working class neighborhood where stores making wines, Garum (like Roman soy sauce: and trust me is a process that it is best left undescribed...) as well as areas for dying and washing clothes. Really different from the villas I had seen earlier.

Then off via the wonderful and efficient metro system to the airport. Going through security and customs was a breeze. Upon landing, I need to once again recommend the Global Entry card, which allowed me to zip through customs.

And now the unfortunate part begins... I arrived in O’Hare airport in Chicago at 6:30 pm (3:30am in Barcelona time) to be faced with a 12 hour layover (ugh). I thankfully decided to splurge on a hotel room. At about 3 am, they sent a text and an email saying the flight would be delayed. At least I got to sleep in and shower before heading back to the airport. Now hoping for an 11:15 am flight. Hopefully home in the afternoon!!!! And of course I have neither cold weather nor rain clothes with me... but home definitely beckons...

Barbara G.

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