2019 Sandy & Bill's West Coast Adventure travel blog

Foggy conditions along Highway 101 and the Pacific Ocean

Sandy amid ferns at the base of a coastal redwood tree

Huge coastal redwoods in the Simpson-Reed Grove

Herd of elk grazing

Male elk, aka Poppa Elk

Female elk with their yearlings

Elk chewing close to our car

Selfie of Sandy and me among the redwood tree grove

Yay! We successfully evaded the Oregon BP (Border Patrol and are now in Medford, Oregon. Okay, there is no such animal as the OBP, but it sounded good. Along the way, we drove on fog enshrouded Highway 101 that had great views of the pounding Pacific and evergreen trees with their tops entwined with fog. Alas, our cameras were not quite sufficient to render quality enough pictures to include in this update. There is one picture I managed to capture of this area.

We also stopped at the Simpson-Reed Grove of coastal redwoods. Here you will see pictures of Sandy standing amid ferns at the base of a redwood and another of these massive trees. Also included is a selfie of Sandy and me in this redwood grove. Actually, it's likely the third take because we were laughing too hard on one and Sandy had her finger (or thumb) visible in another.

Further along 101, we spied a sign for "Elk Viewing," and we figured "Why not?" So, upon travelling a short distance along the side road, we saw a female elk just off the road. Good picture! As we turned the car around to depart, thinking we had a nice picture of an elk, we got a big surprise. There was a whole herd of elk! Some of the "elk" pictures are of a female, a male, and females with their yearlings. I even got a shot of a female standing just outside the driver's side of our rented SUV. Considering the long drive we had today, this proved to be the highlight.

Since we've been driving a fair amount of time, our conversations have varied on topics. As such, we've learned some new things, after looking up answers. For instance, we used the phrase "Happy as a clam" in one conversation, which then caused us to wonder how and/or why a clam might be happy. Turns out the full phrase is "Happy as a clam at high tide." This means that clams are safer when the tide is high vs. low. What still remains unanswered is how clams can be happy. Oh well.

Tomorrow, we head to Crater Lake. Later in the afternoon, two of Sandy's friends will join us for another part of this adventure. Thanks for reading.

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