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Wet start to the day

Peace Run past the Colosseum

At the Spanish Steps

Trevi Fountain

Enjoying a gelato

Cop the size of that steak

Exciting day today...our first full day in Rome. We had rain, thunder and lightning during the night and it looked like it was going to be around on and off for most of the day so we packed plastic ponchos and took a couple of umbrellas. After a quick breakfast, we set off for the Colosseum with the plan to catch the train into the city centre to buy our SIM cards as a priority. There were heaps of road closures as there was a Peace Run half marathon on and as a result, the Colosseum station was closed. That meant no train trip so we set off to find the replacement bus. That didn't quite work so we continue used walking to find another metro station.

Along the way, we walked along Via Cavour, the street where last year's team had their first meal in Rome. We stopped off at a pizza shop that also had the added bonus of wifi so the kids could get their first fix of pizza (nod did I mention they had wifi). We popped into a few souvenir shops for a bit of a look as well. By this time, we were almost a termini so kept walking.

We went to the TIM shop at Termini and bought our SIM cards, a €25 data card each. I didn't worry about phone calls this time as I can use Whatsapp to contact the accommodation along the way. The cards will make life much easier as the wifi isn't working in the apartment at the moment as well as its useful when we are out and about. We had to wait about 2 hours for them to be up and running. While we were at termini, the kids had a gelato each, another first for the trip.

I'd booked the tickets for the bus and boat trip for today however, because it was raining, checked with the bus company to see if we could change it for tomorrow. I also didn't receive the voucher until after we left Australia so couldn't print it....I was told it was okay to show it on my phone.

We decided to visit the Trevi Fountain and set off to find the train station. Bought our tickets and board the train with the intention to alight at Barberini, the nearest station to the fountain. We arrived at one station past Barberini and didn't know why the train hadn't stopped so jumped the train going back the other way with the intention of alighting at Barberini. Zoom, we went past it again. Mmmm, there must be something going on so we jumped the train going the other way again, and alighted at Spagna.

We decided to visit the Spanish Steps as we were close by. The kids were interested in the guys who are giving away roses for free (not really because after they flatter you and say they are giving you a rose, they want money for it). We went up the steps and visited the church before coming down and setting off for Trevi.

We found our way reasonably easily....the last 100 metres or so by following a group of tourists. The area around the fountain was packed. I guess you can't expect anything else on a Sunday afternoon in what is still considered high season. We took photos, did the mandatory coin toss although perhaps not exactly how we were supposed to and then left. The cigarette smoke was overwhelming and we are not used to it at public attractions. I'd like to come back early in the morning one day however, not sure that will happen. On the walk through the side streets, I saw the largest T-bone steak I think I've ever seen. You could have fed a family from it.

We caught the metro to Colosseum (open again after the Peace Run) and had dinner at one of the cafes on the route home. Another delicious meal accompanied by a beer for the big people. Then home to bed.

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