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El Capitan

Half Dome

Some of burned area in Yosemite

New flower arising amid burned trees

Yosemite Giant Sequoias

Sandy by the roots of a dead Giant Sequoia

Sandy posing with the Clark Range in background

Yosemite Valley with El Capitan on left and Half Dome on right

Downtown San Francisco

Coit Tower in San Francisco

Oracle Park - Home of the SF Giants

While at Yosemite on the 20th and 21st, we had problems accessing the internet. Thus, no updates on those days. However, now that we are in San Francisco, CA, this update will have the stuff from Yosemite and a few early pictures from San Francisco.

Yosemite National Park is awesome! The park encompasses some 1,200 square miles. The steepness of its hills and mountains is totally different from any that Sandy or I have seen in their East Coast cousins. There is a certain ruggedness to the terrain. It's almost as if the different geographic conditions produced a singular topography. I've included pictures of El Capitan, the 3,593 foot massive granite rock, Half Dome, almost 5,000 feet high and seemingly cut in half by some massive geologic saw, and Yosemite Valley with the two aforementioned monoliths shown and Bridalveil Falls on the right part of the picture.

We did not realize that the forest fires so well publicized earlier this year also hit part of Yosemite. There are a number of areas with substantially burned trees, including some above the roads. On the latter, we wondered how that might turn out after the Winter snows melt and there is a lot of water running down hillsides. A picture of one section is included.

Fortunately, Sandy and I were able to see the Giant Sequoia trees late on the afternoon we arrived at Yosemite. Attached are pictures of some Giant Sequoias (at least the lower parts of those trees) and Sandy standing in front of roots of a dead sequoia.

After driving across a good portion of California, we arrived this afternoon in San Francisco. Attached are pictures of downtown San Francisco, Coit Tower, and the upper parts of Oracle Park, where the San Francisco Giants play baseball.

More of the San Francisco area tomorrow. Thanks for reading.

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