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That Bridge!!

More zigzagging


Nice plant display

High water level

Narrow houses


More zigzags

We walked back into Reading this morning and decided we must have been mad to even attempt to get through that bridge in March!

The canal zigzags through The Oracle shopping Centre, they couldn't have made it any more of an obstacle course!!!

There are some lovely floral displays here.

If you look closely at this photo you can see where the high water level has been at times.

These houses are so narrow I bet you can touch the walls either side with your arms outstretched. But backing onto the canal they are probably worth a fortune!

It started to rain shortly after we arrived at the Centre, so we had a wander around the shops and picked up a couple of Christmas gifts for the grandkids, then braved the rain on the walk back. Not long after we arrived back on the boat it stopped raining, but there is more to come by the look of the sky.

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