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This morning we got a good look at our apartment and were thrilled. We had not one, but two patios that were for our use only. The interior was recently renovated, and sported rows of LED's for lighting in the bedroom and bathroom. The kitchen/dining area was not upgraded, and we lived with a single bulb in the ceiling for some time until we found a short LED strip over the microwave. Still, it was a delightful place to live, and even sported another bedroom (sleeping room for 7). Hey, that means any of our kids' families could fit here :).

Anyway, after a nice breakfast on our front patio we walked a brief 8 minutes to the Bus terminal to catch a Vaporetto. We got off at the Rialto Bridge, which seems a watery similarity to the Pont Vecchio in Florence. We did the tourist thing and walked across the bridge which is literally covered with buildings and people on either side of a narrow street.

Having seen the Rialto Bridge we went on a Vaporetto to the San Zaccaria 'bus' stop. Walking across the bridge over a side canal we saw the "Bridge of Sighs" which used to be a quick (last) trip from the courtroom on the left to the prison on the right. It was said that those crossing that canal sighed as they saw their last view of Venice. The view also revealed Doges Palace on up the way. After some looking (that's a nice way to say we got lost again) we found the prepaid door to the San Marco Basilica. We ate our lunch along the canal, and after a look at the Basilica we boarded the vaporetto to San Giorgio Maggiore. It was here that we were to climb the bell tower but, sad to say, the bell tower was closed for two days for repair. They did :have a very interestinginteresting contemporary

Since there was plenty of other things to do we went on our hike over the canals and through the woods (whoops, that's another story). We were surprised to see a modern sculpture in shining gold of a man on a ladder (Jacob's?) holding a level over his head. Perhaps this was to show the balance of life brought to earth.

As the evening progressed we decided to go over to San Marco square to listen to some music. We were surprised that there were three bands playing in three of the four sides of this enormous square. Each sported 4-5 players, yet they didn't conflict with each other. The acoustics were so good that their sounds were filtered to nothing about 50 yards from each one. We enjoyed each group, but the last one we listened to started playing Josh Groban's "The Prayer". Each beautiful sound of this wonderful song so enthralled us that we found ourselves dancing, while the crowd around us just melted away. It was magical, and as with all things truly magical it happened unbidden. We just danced the night away.

Were we tired? You bet! But, it was the kind of tired that came from rich use of time, and today was certainly rich in every way. We slept soundly, of course. After all, tomorrow is our last day in Venice.

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