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Farewell Rome Hello Florence

Our time in Rome has come to an end. We have seen many wonderful sites-both tourist spots and local interests. We arrived at the terminal in plenty of time. Once our train showed on the board we headed to our gate, which was VERY far away. We opted for the slower, but still very fast, train to Florence to see some of the Tuscan hills. This was a mistake for several reasons. The train went so fast that we weren't able to really enjpy the scenery. When we reached our destination terminal there was no elevator so we had to go down and back up with our suitcases. When we exited the terminal there were no cabs so we walked for a bit to get away from the terminal then I contacted our landlord and asked her to call a cab for us. She responded with the cab number and that it would arrive in 3 minutes. She has been wonderful all along.

Our apartment is fabulous. It has original dark wood floors throughout. We have a living room with a balcony that has a view of the river. large kitchen and large bedroom with a french balcony. The bathroom is at least twice the size of our one in Rome. Our place in Rome would come close to fitting in our kitchen in Florence. The owner of the apartment is living in London. Her mother is handling all transactions for her. We are staying in the Oltrano section of Florence. Oltrano actually means across the river. This side of the river is crowded but much less than the other side. Oltrano is know as the artisan area. We are across the street and 2 buildings from the bridge-it is the perfect spot.

Since we ate our lunch on the train, we settled in and then took a siesta. After our rejuvenating siesta, we headed out for a walk in search of a grocery store & to see what was nearby. There is a bridge every block! We walked along the river & in just a few minutes we came upon our first tourist trap but also a wonderful view-Ponte Vecchio. Ponte is Italian for bridge.

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